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Review: Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs are silent and sufficient

mucoff steakth tubeless tire plugs tools repair knife trimmer
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Having a reliable tubeless puncture repair kit close to hand is important on any bike ride, as even my go-to Orange Seal won’t seal a snake bite hole at the tire-rim interface that is 12mm long. That, and a 7mm long hole at the center tread, is what I was left with having foolishly gambled with just 21 PSI in the WTB Judge Tough Casing tire on the rear of my Revel Rail at Bike Park Wales. Luckily, I had installed the Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug Tool inside the handlebar for this very moment.

Review: Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs

muc-off stealth tubeless puncture plug kit contents

Muc-Off sell the Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs for £30. That gets you a two-in-one puncture plug and reamer tool, 5x thin tire worms, 5x medium tire worms, 5x thick tire worms, and a knife trimming tool. The plug/reamer and knife trimming tool are designed to live inside your bike’s handlebar, each held in position by a silica expansion plug. Thus, it’s practically impossible to forget them when you go riding.

The repair kit comes with 3 sizes of silica expansion plug (17mm, 19mm and 21mm) to accommodate the differing internal widths of aluminum and carbon bars. The 19mm expansion plug was the best fit for my OneUp Components Carbon Bar.

muc-off tubeless ouncture repair stealth tools store tire worms inside
You can pre-load your plugger tool with a tire worm, with room to stow additional thin worms around the sides

To install the tools, you need to run grips that aren’t closed at their outer edge. You need to be able to remove the bar-end plug so you can replace it with the tool. An example of a grip that isn’t compatible with these tools would be the Fabric Funguy Grip. An example of a grip that is compatible with the Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug would be the Ergon GD1 grip shown here, though literally any lock-on or slip-on grip that comes with bar-end plugs should work.

After inserting the tool into the bar, you simply turn the Allen head clockwise until you feel sufficient resistance. This will cause the silica plug to expand, exerting a force against the internal diameter of the bar, holding it snug.

muc-ff tubeless repair tool inside handlebar
Inside the bar, the tire worms are protected from the elements, so they’re still fresh and sticky when you need to use them

So, do the tools rattle?

I’m pleased to report they do not. The expansion plug seems to do a very good job of holding the tools in position, so they don’t move around and hit the inside of the bar when you’re descending rough terrain. You’ll likely forget they’re there at all, until you need them that is.

In comparison to the WTC Bar-End Plug I removed in order to install the Muc-Off Tubeless Repair Tools, each tool did add around 2mm of effective handlebar width. From the outside edge of the Ergon grip’s plastic sleeve, the tool adds 6mm of width.

This is something to consider if you ride trails that are lined with trees, and the gaps between them tend to be rather narrow. This is true for me; my bars are cut to 740mm wide for the narrow tracks of the Tweed Valley. Since instaling the puncture plug tool, I have actually clipped a few more trees on the right hand side than I normally would. 

To be fair, the Muc-Off bar-end is chamfered to ensure that if you do clip a tree, the bar glances off it. The chamfered edge means it can’t dig in to whatever it hits. Each time I’ve clipped a tree, it has been entirely uneventful. It just knocked the bar back momentarily and I’ve been able to carry on riding unhindered. The impact did however tear the white rubber end-cap cover, leaving it flapping around looking very untidy. Personally, I didn’t find that extra plastic at all necessary. I run my hands at the edge of the bar, but not over hanging so much that my pinkie is gripping onto the bar-end plug.

muc-off tubeless repair worms 5mm long
The plugger tool is sufficiently sharp, making it easy to push a tire worm into the tire’s cut without too much resistance

As for repair tubeless punctures, the Muc-Off kit performs as it is designed. For the 12mm cut at the tire-rim interface, I stuffed two of the medium size worms in alongside one another. The 7mm hole on the tread area was plugged with one of the medium worms. One CO2 canister later, I was back on the trails… until the worm a the tread area was ripped out in a turn.

trimming tire worm with knift muc-off stealth tubeless puncture plugs review
Each worm is 5cm long, which is far too long in most cases. The knife trimmer cuts off the excess with ease, leaving you less vulnerable to the plug ripping out as you ride on.

I hadn’t yet installed the Trimming tool in the opposite bar end, regrettably. A second repair was performed which held successfully. You could probably get away with cutting each worm in half; the result would be less waste and no need to trim excess worm, but you’d need to be extra careful when inserting the worm to be sure you didn’t push the whole thing right through to the inside of the tire.

Later, I successfully trimmed the tire worms so that there wasn’t too much excess left on the outside. The knife was plenty sharp enough for the job.

tubeless repair plus muc-off stealth
Three medium tire worms successfully plugged the two holes in a WTB Judge Tough Casing MTB Tire


  • Successfully repairs tubeless punctures
  • Impossible to forget on rides
  • Doesn’t rattle


  • Increases effective handlebar width
  • Rubber covers are delicate and will tear off easily

Pricing & Availability

The new Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug kit is available in ten different colorfully anodized options, which conveniently match their tubeless valve kits. The pair of hidden tools sells for £30 / 35€ and is available now from Muc-Off in: oil slick iridescent, matte black, silver, gold, orange, red, Muc-Off pink, purple, blue, or green. Refill worms are available at £4.99 per pack of 15. 

muc-off stealth tubeless repair plugs weigh 65g
The Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug Kit weighed in at 65g on our Park Tool DS-2 scales.


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1 year ago

It’s not clear in the review but do you need an allen key to also remove them in the instance of a puncture?

1 year ago
Reply to  Woody

No. The Allen key is to adjust that rubbery ring that holds it in the bar. You can make it effectively wider or narrower to have a for that does not fall out of the handlebars, but still comes out when you need it too. You can should only have to adjust it the one time. There’s also three sizes of rubber ring in there to choose. I think bought two of these sets fit drop bar bikes last year and they work as mentioned here. You can also stuff a bunch of extra plugs inside the case/shell that either the plug or knife are in.

1 year ago
Reply to  Woody

I got some and found that if you tightened them enough that they stopped falling out going down the ruff stuff I had to get another tool out to get them out of the bars. In fact I lost one on a ruff decent and just went back to normal bar ends. If I have to get the kit bag out to remove the bar ends I might as well just keep a tubeless kit in that.

1 year ago
Reply to  Woody

Yes. Think it’s a 4mm Allen key. Not an issue for me as normally have a multi tool in my bb

The KOM Hunter
The KOM Hunter
1 year ago

I’m pretty sure those white covers are just for protection during packaging and transport, after all, these bar plugs are available in a ton of anodised colours, so what would be the point of covering them up?

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