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Ribble Dabbles in Disc Brakes for triathlon with New Ultra Tri Disc

Ribble Ultra Tri Disc
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For triathletes, the devil is always in the details. Between aerodynamics, efficiency, transitions, and all manner of “what ifs” across a multi-discipline sport, there are a great many details that can be game-changers in a race. The brakes you run on your bike are one of those details that really matter, especially over longer distances. British brand Ribble addresses this with their new Ultra Tri Disc.

Ribble’s new Ultra Tri Disc bike brings all the aerodynamics and power of the rim brake Ultra Tri setup with the added braking efficiency and improved control you get with disc brakes.

Whether rolling over wet surfaces or on roads where your wheels are bound to pick up dust and grime, disc brakes remain reliable and consistent, leaving more time for riders to focus on pedaling, posture and breathing, instead of fretting over what might happen when they squeeze the brake levers.

Ultra Tri Disc: The New Design

Ribble Ultra Tri Disc: rear disc brake

Ribble says the Ultra Tri Disc is their fastest bike ever. The frame is built from advanced-grade carbon that has been carefully sculpted for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. It features adjustability that helps riders find the perfect fit and position to keep the hammer down over long distances. The disc brake option allows for better control, especially over more technical courses, where even slight touches on the brake can cost precious seconds.

The Ribble Ultra Tri Disc incorporates storage and hydration systems into the frame to maximize aerodynamic efficiency.  In testing, the bike fitted with a triathlon accessory pack, had as much as 30% less drag compared to the base Ultra TT. 

The Ultra Tri Disc fitted with the Triathlon accessory pack demonstrated up to a 30.1% total bike drag saving vs the base Ultra TT and standard hydration and storage systems. The final CFD and real-world testing showed a total bike and rider drag saving of up to 2.2% and an average of 1.3% across a -15 to +15 degree YAW sweep versus the initial prototype and benchmark. Over a 25-mile flat course at 29 mph, the bike shaved off 25 seconds, ribble claims.

Ribble adapted the aerodynamics for the new disc brake setup with a newly designed fork that moves air past the front caliper to provide an aerodynamic edge over rim brakes.

Ribble Ultra Tri Disc Front End

Builds and Pricing

Ribble lists the Ultra Tri Disc frameset at an MSRP of $4,013. They offer custom builds that include 16 colors and sharp-looking gradient options for a one-of-a-kind look. Ribble also offers popular builds ranging from MSRP $4,062 to $8,125.

Whatever build you choose, the Ribble Ultra Tri Disc promises to be fast, aerodynamic, and the best-braking tri bike they’ve ever produced.

For more information, go here.

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3 years ago

If the Homer were a Tri bike.

3 years ago
Reply to  thesteve4761

What’s wrong with having a darth vader lunch box strapped to the headtube?

3 years ago

Is winning worth having this abomination? We’ve advanced technology and function to the absolute and shocking limits of the rules and this is the outcome. My god. We need to remove all rules except weight and size and let something else come out of it, even if it’s a recumbent.

I want to simultaneously throw this into a bottomless burning pit of hell and also shave my legs and buy the tightest skinsuit money can buy just to see how fast it could take me.

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