Ride, fish, repeat, with Sap & Bark ikari C bike mount for Tenkara fishing rods & more

What’s better than the peaceful, zen-like process of tenkara fishing? How about riding your mountain bike up to the lake?  Sap & Bark’s ikari C multi-purpose bracket allows you to do just that.

Sap & Bark ikari C bike mount for Tenkara fishing rods

Offered in two versions, the ikari C and C2 multi-purpose mounts are designed to attach to standard water bottle mounts on any bike. Due to the thicker design, the ikari C mount includes longer cage bolts from Wolf Tooth Components as well.

Bicycle mount for tenkara fishing rods

Sap & Bark ikari C bike mount for Tenkara fishing rods on santa cruz mountain bike

downtube fishing rod mount for bicycle

The ikari C is also designed to hang off the side of your downtube, with mounting arms that form a right angle. It’s specifically designed to accommodate tenkara rod tubes using the combination of a polymer bracket, Wolftooth cage bolts, and a 12-inch Violé strap.

Sap & Bark ikari Cw bike mount for accessories

The ikari C2 on the other hand is more of an all-purpose centered mount that uses a similar Violé Nano strap to cinch down the contents.

Sap & Bark ikari Cw bike mount for spare tube

Sap & Bark ikari Cw bike mount for jacket

Sap & Bark ikari Cw bike mount for water filter bicycle downtube

Sap & Bark ikari Cw bike mount for can

Those contents could include a spare tube, jacket, water filter, can of your favorite beverage, bear spray, etc. According to Sap & Bark, both the ikari C and C2 will accept items up to 120mm wide and up to 75mm in diameter. Each includes multiple strap mounting holes to adjust to fit different diameters.

Sap & Bark ikari Cw bike mount

Made from acetal copolymer, the mounts are supposedly “very durable and slightly flexible,” and are designed and made to order in Brevard, NC. Priced at $40 for the C or $35 for the C2, both include the mount and a red Violé Nano Strap.

In the box:
• 1x ikari C or C2 bracket
• 1x red Violé Nano Strap 12″ strap
• 2x Wolftooth 7075-T6 aluminum M5x15mm water bottle cage bolts (long enough to attach water bottle cage over the bracket (C only).

ikari C
Weight: 35g
Size: 120mm (wide) x 75mm (tall)

ikari C2
Weight: 30g
Size: 100mm (wide) x 65mm (tall)

What is Sap & Bark?

This is the way speeder bike with mountain bike

The clever ikari mounts and tenkara fishing accessories aren’t the only thing on Sap & Bark. They’re complementary to the artwork of their creator, Roman Rusinov. Creatively blending the worlds of mountain biking, bikepacking, fishing, overlanding, vanlife, nature, and more, Roman’s Instagram feed is definitely worth a follow. Many of his designs are also available on Sap & Bark in the form of posters, t-shirts, hats, and stickers.



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