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RiG’d Supply RambleSwing: A Jeep-Worthy Swing Away Hitch Adapter

RiG'd Supply RambleSwing Review hero(Photos/Ron Frazelle)
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Jeep Wranglers are incredible machines, but they have some unique requirements when it comes to carrying bikes. Thanks to the spare tire mounted to the rear swing gate, if you mount a standard hitch rack, you can’t open the rear swing gate. Not being able to open the swing gate made it much more difficult to take bikes with me when I camp. That’s all changed now I picked up a RiG’d Supply RambleSwing, and it works amazingly well.

Remember when I wrote that little piece about the new RambleSwing a couple o’ months ago? It’s a simple yet ingenious way to swing your 2″ hitch-mounted bike rack out of the way, allowing you to use the rear hatch/door/tailgate of your vehicle.

But, the RambleSwing is only simple in the fact that it swings. The ingenious design details are where it stands above the rest of the hitch swing adapters out there.

Who’s RiG’d Supply?

RiG'd Supply RambleSwing Review UltraSwing
Where it all started, the RiG’d Supply UltraSwing (Photos/Ron Frazelle)

Based in the city of Orange, in sunny Southern California, RiG’d Supply is a company run by a small passionate group of cyclists who like to go 4-wheelin’. With the fire inside for off-roading, camping, and riding bikes came the birth of their first product, the UltraSwing.

Nothing they were using from other manufacturers met the needs for use on their rigs, so they came up with the UltraSwing. Always striving to make items that they use regularly better suited for their needs, the company has a drive for making high-quality, USA-made products.

They are a team that is “deeply committed to family, community, and finding ways to create the best possible outdoor experience“.

Picking Up the RambleSwing

Being located in Orange, California, RiG’d is close to where I lived, so I was able to shoot over there to pick the RambleSwing. They offered to install it and go over the basics of the swingout.

RiG'd Supply RambleSwing Review getting installed
RambleSwing getting installed…

It was installed easily enough, and I’ve taken it on and off the Jeep since, and it’s been easy every time.

RiG'd Supply RambleSwing Review long extention
Long extension to reach the wedge bolt

However, I will say that it requires a long socket extension to tighten the anti-wobble wedge system.

RiG'd Supply RambleSwing Review freshly installed

So, if you don’t have a long extension, you’ll need to purchase one if you plan on removing the RambleSwing. After the wedge bolt is tight you can insert their clever locking hitch pin.

RiG'd Supply RambleSwing Review branded boxes

I got a lil’ look-see into the warehouse and we talked about how they started and showed me the UltraSwing and their RambleRack bike rack (stay tuned for the review in the next weeks). They’re runnin’ a tight ship.

RiG’d Supply’s RambleSwing

Retail: $799

The RambleSwing is a swing-out hitch system that can be used with any 2″ hitch-mounted bike rack. At the moment I am using it with my Rocky Mounts GuideRail rack. So far, other than the RambleSwing inadvertently highlighting how much more robust it is than my actual bike rack, it’s been great.

I will be reviewing the RambleSwing with Rig’d’s actual bike rack, the RambleRack, very soon. For the complete Ramble experience, stay tuned.

The RambleSwing is so stout because it was built to be added to a vehicle that goes off-roading. This allows you to take your favorite bike, or eBike (it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs) with you on the roughest off-road trails.

The RambleSwing is purpose-built for the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota FJ Cruiser, or the Ford Bronco, but can work for most other cars/trucks as well. Let’s go over the features that set it apart from all the other swingouts.

In-Line Design

RiG'd Supply RambleSwing Review Delrin pads

The inline design of the RambleSwing creates a super stiff connection between the two arms. Sandwiched by a set of Delrin glide plates, the RambleSwing closes completely with zero effort, even when loaded.


You don’t have to worry about ordering a right (passenger side) or left-specific (driver side) swing when buying the RambleSwing. FlipFlop technology allows the swing to open from either side of the vehicle. Easy peasy, and Bob’s your Uncle.


The RambleSwing uses the same proven wobble-free wedge system as their popular UltraSwing. It eliminates any, and all movement in my Jeep’s hitch.

The Beefy Latch

RiG'd Supply RambleSwing Review comfy bike grip

The latch on the RambleSwing is patented and like nothing I’ve ever seen on a swingout. The 500lb compression latch sports a lockon bicycle grip, latches with authority, and is quite comfy to use.

Clever Integrated Step

RiG'd Supply RambleSwing Review integrated step

This feature is a smart addition to an already well-thought-out product. For my use, it makes a quick, easy, and slip-free step to get to my rooftop tent. Plus, as a bonus, it’s a great foot hold for putting on my cycling shoes or eating a snack at my tailgate table.

Speaking of Grip

The RambleSwing’s integrated step is covered by Jessup grip tape. This grip tape was originally developed for use on the decks of battleships. It has an amazing grip, even in mud, and is supposed to have a very long lifespan.

Made in the USA

Like all of the RiG’d Supply fabricated products, the RambleSwing is covered by their Ramble for Life Warranty. The RambleSwing is completely rebuildable as components wear, or get damaged, it’s easy to get the right part and repair it.

How RambleSwing’s Performing So Far

So far the RambleSwing has been everything it’s promised to be. it is very stable and solid when driving off-road. My RockyMounts GuideRail can’t keep up in that sense.

Where the RambleSwing has zero movement when driving the Jeep, the RockyMounts GuideRail bike rack, with my lightest bike on it, allows the bike to rock back and forth a bit, and the rack moves a little independantly of the anti-wobble device.

The RambleSwing opens, closes, and latches very easily. I’ve been keeping the RambleSwing mounted all of the time, and it is never a burden swinging it out of the way to get to the rear of my Jeep.

The clever Hitch Pin that’s sold separately is neat, and easy to use. It’s stainless steel, made in the USA, and is specifically designed for the RambleSwing and UltraSwing. It comes with 2 keys and uses a tight-fitting weather-proof cap.

An O-ring protects the keyhole from water and road grime. It’s easy to lock and unlock by inserting the key, and turning it until it’s tight. Turn the key to one of the indents on the side and remove the key. Locked and loaded.

To Be Continued…

RiG'd Supply RambleSwing Review Access to the back

So far the RambleSwing has been exactly what I needed it to be. It’s been a great swingaway hitch adapter to allow access to the back of the Jeep. But, it’s got so many cool little design details to it, that it’s more than just a great swingout. As a great addition to my whole outdoor kit, The RambleSwing has become an essential piece of gear.

Allowing me to not only take my bikes camping but also access the back of my Jeep is fantastic. The game-changer is the fact that we will be able to take the most difficult route to get to a trailhead or campsite, that’s where the RambleSwing shines bright.

I’ll be touching base here for a full review in the next few months. So stay tuned for that. Also, I’m looking forward to reviewing their RambleRack real soon!


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23 days ago

Ron i did not notice the price? I guess if you have to ask… Also, these type of hitch adapters will void most rack manu;s warranty. I still like the concept and the details here seem to be well sorted.

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