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Ritchey WCS Beacon, VentureMax, Trail & Streem bars bring fit updates to any bike

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Ritchey Logic has long been a solid option for finishing out your cockpit with high-quality alloy bars, whether you ride road, gravel, or mountain bikes. The hallmarks of the alloy WCS bars are a balance of lightweight, ergonomics & affordability – many times offering similar fit options in even more affordable Comp bars too. Now they’ve updated their Beacon, VentureMax, Trail & Streem bars with ego improvement tweaks and some extra compatibilities…

WCS Beacon flared drop bar, now in even wider 46cm

Ritchey WCS Beacon flared drop bar wide
all photos c. Ritchey

The Beacon was only just introduced back in August, but while official word then noted just three widths, one feature list hinted at an even wider fourth size. Now the 46cm is official in both the $100 / 100€ triple-butted 7050 alloy WCS version and the $50 / 50€ double-butted 6061 alloy Comp bar. Measured c-c at the first bend on top, the 46cm Beacon bar comes out to a max outside-outside width of 61cm at the drops.

Ritchey WCS Beacon flared drop bar long

It features an extra wide 36° flare for the drops, plus another 6° flare out at the ends of the drops, and 4.5° of backsweep up top. The compact round drops have 65mm reach & 80mm drop, and the bar has a wide 160mm 31.6 clamping area for the stem and accessory mounts.

The aluminum WCS Beacon flared adventure bars are available now in all sizes.

WCS VentureMax alloy gravel drop bars get an ergo update

Ritchey WCS VentureMax alloy gravel drop bar angled

We first saw the original aluminum WCS VentureMax back in 2016 at Eurobike. In the years since it has become more & more popular, even spawning a lighter WCS Carbon VentureMax last year, and a massive 52cm alloy WCS VentureMax XL this past spring. Well, that XL bar hid some big updates that now come to the more normal sized versions too.

Ritchey WCS VentureMax alloy gravel drop bar front

The alloy WCS VentureMax update gets the same new aero-shaped 38×22.5mm shaping of the tops for improved ergonomics, plus Shimano Di2 junction box drilling. The $100 / 100€ triple-butted 7050 alloy gravel & adventure bikepacking bar comes in five widths: 38, 40, 42, 44 & 46cm (also measured c-c at the first bend). They feature 75mm reach, 102mm drop, 24° flare to the drop, an extra 6° flare at the ends, and 4.6° backsweep up top.

The new aluminum WCS VentureMax bars will be available from the first week of October 2020.

WCS Trail 10D Rizer alloy mountain bike bar updates

Ritchey WCS Trail 10D Rizer alloy mountain bike bar angled

We’ve seen a number of small updates in alloy mountain bike bars from Ritchey over the years. Now, the WCS Trail 10D Rizer adds a few more options – mixing full 800mm width with 20mm rise, a 31.8mm clamping area, and ergonomic 10° backsweep with 4° upsweep.

Ritchey WCS Trail 10D Rizer alloy mountain bike bar shape

Aimed at perfecting wrist alignment and reducing pressure on the outside of the hand, the new Trail 10D Rizer comes in a 74€ WCS version from triple-butted 7050 alloy, and a 37€ Comp version made from double-butted 6061 alloy.

Both are available now for pretty much all your trail riding needs.

WCS Streem road bars get internal routing

Ritchey Streem road bars classic shape

Long held as their classic core drop bar, before bends got super compact and drops went flared, the alloy Ritchey Streem road bars now get a modern update for fully internal cable routing. With holes in the drops to route your Di2 junction box, holes at the hoods, under the tops & in the back of the stem… now you can hide all of those pesky cables, wires & hoses out of sight while keeping the bar shape you prefer.

Ritchey Streem road bars internal cable routing

The new Streem also gets a 38 x 22.5mm wing-shaped top section for comfort under your hands, and gets 73mm reach & 128mm deep drops, with 4.7° backsweep up top and 2° of flare at the drops. A  triple-butted 7050 alloy WCS Streem bar sells for 105€, or a double-butted 6061 alloy Comp Streem bar for 60€ – both in 38, 40, 42, 44 & 46cm widths. Either bar will be available from the end of this week.


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3 years ago

For internal routing to work on the Streem, I would expect a slot on top of the bar, above the hook, to allow cables to enter from the brake shifters.

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