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RMU Outdoors MTB Cargo Collection offers Tailgate Locker, Utility & Enduro Fanny for your next trip

rmu outdoors cargo collection 600 dollars early bird pricing indiegogo
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Originally a Ski manufacturer, RMU Outdoors have expanded their horizons in their 11 year history to encompass adventure equipment for winter sports and now, mountain biking. The latest addition is the MTB Cargo Collection, encompassing a Tailgate Pad for shuttling, a Utility Belt for everyday carry, and an Enduro Fanny for tools & spares when you’re out on an all-day shred mission. All are available for pre-order now at a vastly reduced price on Indiegogo.

RMU Outdoors MTB Cargo Collection

rmu outdoors cargo collection 600 dollars early bird pricing indiegogo

All three products in the RMU Outdoors MTB Cargo Collection come with a lifetime warranty, showing the brand’s commitment to producing quality, sustainable gear. Along with the already-available Core Pack 15L riding bag, RMU Outdoors are offering a nice set of cargo solutions for both the rider and their pickup truck.

RMU Outdoors Tailgate Locker 2.0

The RMU Outdoors Tailgate Locker 2.0 is a bike shuttle solution for your pickup truck. Available in two sizes; the regular will fit most small to medium size pickups like the Tacoma and Frontier, while the larger size will fit some of the bigger trucks, such as the Tundra and the F250. 

  • Standard Tailgate Locker: 54” x 18”
  • XL Tailgate Locker: 61” x 20”

The Tailgate Pad is made of a 840D Nylon with Carbonate + PU, making it both weatherproof and abrasion resistant. A 7mm EVA foam is housed inside that coating, padding it out to protect both your bike and your pickup. Four aluminium buckles secure the pad onto your truck.

rmu outdoors tailgate pad locker 2.0

The downtube straps are larger than those seen on the original Tailgate Locker, ensuring they can wrap right around the chunkiest downtubes of modern enduro bikes. The straps themselves are fleece-lined to protect your frame paint and the area underneath the strap is reinforced for additional security.

mtb tailgate locker 2.0 pickup truck bike shuttling fleecy straps downtube protection

Bikes are not the only thing the Tailgate Locker 2.0 can carry. For this second iteration of the product, RMU Outdoors have switched the storage pockets from the backside of the tailgate pad to the front side. These feature food-grade liners so you can conveniently store your drinks and snacks on the body of the truck. It’s also a good place to store tools and spares for mid-shuttle bike fettling.

rear view camera cente window tailgate pad locker 2.0

A the centre of the Tailgate Locker is a window – this means you can use the tailgate pad with your backup (reversing) camera. 

MTB Utility Belt

Onto everyday carry solutions for the rider, RMU Outdoors are introducing a small utility belt. An ultra slimmed-down version of a hip-pack, the utility belt was originally designed to attach to and complement the Cargo Pack 15. But, RMU realized it also works really well as a stand alone piece.

This is the most minimalist way to carry snacks, tools and spares about your person. I personally wouldn’t be putting a multitool, or anything hard for that matter, in this utility belt. The lack of padding means that to land on your hip while carrying that stuff would be a painful experience.

rmu outdoors mtb utility belt minimalist everyday carry mountain biking

But, it seems a convenient location for a phone, cards, and easy-access snacks on the go. It also has a small bottle holster on the side for riders whose frame can’t accommodate a water bottle. An aluminium buckle secures it around your waist.

5L Enduro Fanny Pack

The Enduro Fanny Pack (bum bag, hip pack… call it what you like) sits between the MTB Utility Belt and the Cargo Pack 15 in the RMU Outdoors lineup. This 5L pack has a more robust construction, with 7mm EVA padding that sits between the pack contents and your lower back.

rmu outdoors 5 litre enduro fanny pack hip carry

The outer is composed of a 420D nylon fabric with a carbonate and PU coating. It is weatherproof and abrasion resistant therefore. The compartmentalized internals have a bright red liner. This is a small but important detail. The contrast makes it way easier to actually see the contents of your pack. With a dark liner, you might have a harder time locating what you need fast – like a tire plug for that rapidly deflating tubeless puncture.

The front pocket is fleece-lined – a good place for your phone, and a key clip so you can’t accidentally knock your keys out of the pack when you’re rummaging.

rmu outdoors 5l fanny pack enduro riding bottle holster water bladder compartment hydration pack

A partition at the back stores a water bladder – a small velcro strap holds it in place securely. Two ports at the sides allow the bladder hose to exit on the side of your preference.

enduro fanny pack cvargo sling rmu outdoors mtb cargo collection

A couple internal straps at the top hold your pump. This will keep it out the way of the rest of your kit and add structure to the pack.

Pricing & Availability

The new RMU Outdoors MTB Cargo Collection is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo with early bird pricing. Order any of the products now for at least a third off the RRP. Orders ship in March 2021 (if RMU hit their crowdfunding goal).

The RMU Tailgate Locker 2.0 is currently priced at $159. Get the Utility Belt for $25 and the Enduro Fanny Pack at $49.


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