Steve Potts Bicycles NAHBS 2015

Steve Potts (assisted by his handsome dog, Cowboy) is a member of that club of builders who bring to NAHBS what happens to be “hot off the press” at showtime and bring home awards. Steve’s clean two-pass welds and functional designs have won him Best TIG and Best Ti frame ribbons in the past- will we see another this year?  Action shots after the jump.,,

BIKERUMOR: What are your main building materials?

Steve: The material I use the most is titanium.

Steve Potts Bicycles NAHBS 2015 cowboy

BIKERUMOR: What’s new with your company since NAHBS last year?

Steve: This past year we have moved to a new, larger facility.

Steve Potts Bicycles NAHBS 2015 action weld

BIKERUMOR: Any killer custom bike builds in that time?

Steve: All of my bike builds are custom builds, so most of them are pretty interesting and very functional.

Steve Potts Bicycles NAHBS 2015 headbadge

BIKERUMOR: What were some of your newer inspirations for recent bikes?

Steve: I am building a lot more Road/Gravel bikes this year, mostly because people want to broaden their riding possibilities.

Steve Potts Bicycles NAHBS 2015 show builds

BIKERUMOR: What are you building this year that’ll draw a crowd?

Steve: I am bringing a nice “Campy” Road bike, a nice Gravel Grinder, and a 29er Plus!

BIKERUMOR:If you had to build a bike for a Kentucky Derby style race (think short, all out effort on deep, loose dirt), what would you build and why?

Steve: I would build my favorite bike, a 29er with my Rigid Type II Fork – a super efficient bike!

Steve Potts Bicycles NAHBS 2015 seat cluster

BIKERUMOR: Bourbon or beer?

Steve: A nice cold beer after a hard days work or a good ride.


  1. Rico on

    I so wish my dad worked with steel instead of wood. This guy rocks! I love the American craftsmanship from Firefly, this guy, Richard Sachs, etc. I’m tempted to get a columbus tube kit and give it a try.

  2. Ripnshread on

    Gorgeous welds. I’m so jelly.

    Every time you see another Ti frame that is a “good deal”, remember that last photo.

    Sharp, clean, perfectly even welds. Very minor discoloration on just the smallest tubes. Takes incredible patience and dexterity, guys a pro athlete.

    The welded in sleeve is a nice touch.

    Masterwork artistry.

  3. Poling Yu on

    I am the lucky owner of a potts 29er. I had a friend over a while ago. She is a jewelry maker. Not interested in cycling. We walked past the bike and she stopped to look at it. Which was weird because she never looked at any of my other bikes. She went on and on describing the quality of the welds and how good everything looked…. From a jewelry maker/metal smith. Moreover is an incredible ride. Thank you Steve!

  4. Jeff on

    Steve is an even nicer guy than he is a great frame builder. And that damn dog Cowboy almost cost me a cleaning fee with Avis… 🙂 If I am not wrong the welds in the last picture are fusion welds and still have a pass coming. But his welds are perfection IMHO. If you want what he offers what the hell are you waiting for! I’m on my 3rd Potts and the last two will be with me until I die.

  5. chasejj on

    I beat up on NAHBS builders frequently because, well most deserve it.
    But Steve Potts is awesome. My roommate in college in the early 80’s had a Potts HT and it was a steel masterpiece.
    I may have to order a disc gravel grinder just so I can get one and keep it forever. I haven’t seen welds like that since my One-Off Titanium full suspension bike, which actually is a work of art.


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