The Robert Axle Project announced the acquisition of Old Man Mountain, along with a re-launch of the well-known rack brand. The two brands have previously worked together on projects, including a re-design of the Sherpa rack. The racks continue to be made in the USA, and remain under the Old Man Mountain name.

Old Man Mountain racks operate with a unique platform + kit system, allowing for a single base to work on multiple bikes. This versatility relies on smart axle integration and design, and we’ve reported on the two brands’ past collaboration.

OMM has options to fit road, mountain, gravel, fat bikes, e-bikes, and more. Want to run a front rack on your suspension fork? There’s an Old Man Mountain rack for that.

Chris Kratsch, brand co-owner, commented:

“We’ve continued to watch bike touring and bikepacking evolve, and see the continued need for a superior rack system. Old Man Mountain makes the most durable, strongest cargo rack that fits nearly any bicycle. We’ve used Old Man Mountain racks on our bikes since 2000, including a full summer on the entire Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in 2003. I love the durability and function of the product.”

Old Man Mountain racks are available immediately, and covered by a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.


  1. Joseph Ortner on

    I clicked on the OMM website and tried out the widget dropdowns to select a rack for my boutique bike. I was very impressed by how easy it was to find the right rack for my bike!

  2. EcoRacer on

    I might be missing something here, but if you mount the rack to your 12mm through-axle, and you puncture or have to take the wheel of the bike, do you have to take apart the rack and axle? Seems like there is no easy way to remove your wheel?

    • Lester Binegar on

      You’re correct. but it’s not that hard to do. That and the rack is super solid and with tubeless these days there are way less flats.


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