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Rockshox Trailhead App Updated w/ More Suspension Tuning Tips & Service Manuals

Rockshox Trailhead app screenshot superimposed over a mountain biker jumping.

The Rockshox Trailhead App has been around for a bit, offering riders a quick reference to tuning their Rockshox forks and shocks, but now it’s got a deeper catalog, videos, and supports more languages.

Italian, French, German, and Spanish join English, giving more riders easy access to info in their native tongue. And that info goes way back, with resources and documents for lots of old product. Tuning advice is limited to 2018 and newer products (like the 2025 forks with the new Charger 3.1 damper), but all Rockshox products from then ’til now have plenty to help you get things sorted…

Setup guide

Rockshox Trailhead app screenshots showing product and settings adjustments.

Search for your product by name, serial number, or model number and it’ll pull up recommended starter settings based on your weight, bike, travel, etc. They say their algorithms have been updated (and more data added) so their suggestions are more accurate than ever. Every feature on every product is explained, so you know what each adjustment does and why it matters.

Each product pages also links to service manuals, upgrade options, and more. Save the products you own for quicker access next time you need to reference it, too.

Then make notes within the app so you can record how each adjustment feels and make future adjustments based on actual ride impressions, not guesses. This also lets you save your settings for each test lap, so you can go back to your favorite settings for a particular course…or just remember what you changed.

Support & Kits pages

Rockshox Trailhead app screenshots showing support info, upgrade kits and parts numbers.

The prior Documents section is replaced with Support, where you’ll find all product documents, manuals, etc., plus new service videos, making it easier than ever to find the right tutorial.

The Kits section shows all service kits, spare parts, etc., for your specific fork or shock model. Copy the part number so you can paste it into your favorite online store or email it to your local shop (or your preferred distributor, this also makes it super easy for bike shops). Too many clicks? Just press the “Find Online” button and it’ll search Google for you.

SRAMid access

Already have AXS? Or a Hammerhead computer? Link all those so you have a single login for everything SRAM and it ties everything together.

Download now at link below or find it on iOS and Android app stores.


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