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Rocky Mountain MX Mount mullets the Altitude Enduro and Altitude PowerPlay eMTB

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Rocky Mountain Bikes has released an MX Mount for its Altitude Enduro MTB and Altitude Powerplay eMTB, allowing owners of current carbon 29″ models to switch to a mullet setup. The brand tells us that the MX Mount will allow you to corner faster, and ride more playfully, all while giving you a bit more clearance when you’re behind the saddle on a steep, technical line. Their Pro Enduro Racer, ALN, agrees with that sentiment, choosing to run her Altitude Carbon in the mullet configuration.

Rocky Mountain MX Mount for Altitude

rocky mountain altitude mx mount

The 2021 Rocky Mountain Altitude is already a rather complex beast, with the RIDE-9 Chip allowing riders to fettle between nine subtly different geometries and suspension leverage curves; Positions 1, 2 and 3 represent the slacker, more progressive setups, positions 7, 8 and 9 the steeper and more linear arrangements, with positions 4, 5 and 6 hitting the middle ground, neutral setup. 

Rocky Mountain Bikes 2021 Altitude Carbon 70 29, Ride 9 chip
*This pic shows the Ride 9 chip in the slackest position (Pos. 1). Credit: Steve Fisher – check out his long-term review of the 2021 Altitude Carbon 70 here.

Why do I bother telling you this? As a Rocky Mountain Altitude owner you will be well aware, of course. As a prospective buyer, you may not, and news of the new MX Mount could be pushing you closer than ever to committing your basket. Whichever camp you fall into, you should know this: The new Altitude MX mount is only compatible with Positions 1-5 of the RIDE-9 adjustment system. As the bike becomes incrementally steeper and and less progressive as you move towards Position 9, the steepest position, clearance between the back of the seat stay brace and the seat tube diminishes. Thus, positions 6-9 are incompatible with the use of the Altitude MX Mount.


Switching out the stock shock mount for the MX Mount increases the Altitude’s rear wheel travel, concomitantly lowering the rate curve. Overall progression drops from 40.3% to 36.1%. Rocky Mountain tells us you might have to increase shock pressure or, if you run a coil shock, switch out your coil for one with a higher spring rate in order to achieve proper sag and suspension feel.

“I like to bring a creative approach to the trails, search for alternate lines, look for things to double up. Ultimately, I like the extra clearance from running my Altitude with mixed wheel sizes.” – Thomas Vanderham, Rocky Mountain Freerider


What about the Altitude PowerPlay MX?

As we saw on the Altitude, switching out the stock shock mount for the MX Mount on the Altitude Powerplay eMTB increases rear travel, while also altering the leverage curve, reducing overall progression from 45.5% to 43.4%.

rocky mountain altitude powerplay leverage curve stock versus mx mount

The Altitude PowerPlay has a 4-position geometry and leverage curve altering flip-chip, and all four positions are compatible with the MX Mount.

RMB Powerplay 2022, Ride 4 Chip
The Ride-4 Flip-Chip on the lower shock mount of the 2022 Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay eMTB

Hit up Rocky Mountain or your local dealer for more information on pricing & availability. 

rocky mountain race face factory team ews pro aln altitude mx
Rocky Mountain Race Face Factory Enduro Pro, ALN, riding her 2021 Altitude in the MX setup


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