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RockyMounts New Locking Thru Axle (15mm and 20mm) Rack Mount

RockyMount DriveShaft Thru Axle Rack Mount
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RockyMount DriveShaft Thru Axle Rack Mount

So you have a 15mm thru axle on your bike.  Nice!  And you have a 20mm thru axle on your other bike too?  And you want to transport them on a your rack?  Oh, no worries.  RockyMounts make what you need.  The DriveShaft mount from RockyMounts is the first thru axle mount on the market to cover both standards with the ability to lock.

The DriveShaft comes in three versions.  There is the DriveShaft, which is their standard thru axle adapter, and fits roof top bike racks.  The DriveShaft HM is a bolt on thru axle carrier for pickups, trailers, and SUVs.  It has additional base flanges for the DIY install onto just about any surface.  And last we have the DriveShaft SD for truck bed bike carriers.

All the finer details can be found in the press release past the break, as well as the RockyMount Website.



Press Release: NEW RockyMounts 15mm/20mm thru-axle mount that locks. RockyMounts launched the first ever thru-axle mount to carry both 15mm and 20mm thru-axles with the ability to lock.  RockyMounts thru-axle line is now available for purchase.

RockyMounts DriveShaft introduces a more practical solution for carrying a fatty thru-axle bike.  It highlights a solid metal body, a wide mouth opening for easy loading, snap-in nylon shims to switch between 15mm and 20mm thru-axles, an adjustable cam lever to tighten and firmly hold your bike in place, and a trusty lock for security.

RockyMounts thru-axle line is broken into three products:

DriveShaft- A fork mount adapter that fits standard fork mounts from RockyMounts®, Thule® and Yakima®.  Lock and keys included.  Retails for $69.95.

DriveShaft HM- A bolt on hard mount for the bed of your truck.  Lock and keys included.  Retails for $74.95.

DriveShaft SD- (Does it all) A mount that fits snug inside the bed channels found on Toyota®, Chevy®, and GMC®, can also be used as a truck bed bolt-on mount, or as a fork mount adapter.  Comes with a 9mm dummy axle to also fit standard 9mm axles.  Lock and keys included. Retails for $89.95.

RockyMounts thru-axle line is currently available in select stores and online.  RockyMounts received their first batch of 300 DriveShafts on May 17th.  After one day of inventory and eight days of un-advertised sales, RockyMounts DriveShaft sold out.  There were close to 200 pre-sold to dealers and consumers and 50 patiently awaiting customers who jumped on the opportunity to grab from the first batch.  The rest trickled out quickly from internet sales.  Another shipment to the RockyMounts warehouse in Boulder, CO is expected to arrive on June 12th and RockyMounts DriveShaft product line will be available for sale again.

About Rocky Mounts, Inc. RockyMounts, Inc. is a leader in designed and engineered car rack systems.  They introduce innovative ideas to the outdoor world in efforts to securely carry your gear in lieu of your epic adventures. Established in creating rock solid, whisper quiet, and fuel efficient rack systems that not only carry your beloved gear, but look polished doing it.

Rocky Mounts, Inc.  |  www.rockymounts.com



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12 years ago

Epic journalism fail. You forgot to photoshop out the wholesale price.

Tyler Benedict
12 years ago
Reply to  KT

msrp means “Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price”

12 years ago

very similar to the flytrap that rockymounts sold to sram.
with the addition of the dual axle compatibility.

the achilles heel of this design is that to accomodate old 9qr forks, the axle holder doesnt cover the entire gap between the fork legs which results in a very unstable and wobbly bike.

i used my flytrap once. pulled over and swapped my bike to my hurricane adapter and it was much sturdier.

they just need to make these for thru axle only so they are wide enough to keep the bike steady

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