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Round up review: KOM Saddle Tool Roll and Tube Strap

KOM Cycling Saddle Roll:Tube strap inside
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KOM Cycling hopes to soon be a household name in the cycling community. If you check out the KOM Cycling site, you’ll notice there’s a lot of new products on the way — from cycling computer mounts to trainer desks. The company does a little bit of everything, and from what we’ve reviewed — they do it very well, like the KOM Rocker plate.

Recently, we got a chance to check out their newest offerings; the Saddle Tool Roll and Tube Strap, both part of their ATOP accessory line.

KOM Saddle Tool Roll

What is it? KOM Saddle Tool Roll

The saddle tool roll isn’t a new concept; the idea combines a tool roll for organizing repair accessories and a saddlebag. The user gets the organization of the tool roll and the portability of the bag. To take the roll to the next level KOM Cycling uses an ATOP (BOA-style) ratchet dial. This super-strong ratcheting holder attaches the bag to the saddle rails, giving the rider peace of mind knowing that their bag will stay in place.

KOM Saddle Tool Roll storage

Inside the KOM Saddle Tool Roll

The KOM Saddle Tool Roll consists of a three-pocket inner, crafted from robust material with a waterproof external covering. The material is thick and protective but not hard to fold. The side pockets (tool pockets) are 7cm wide and 12cm deep, the middle pocket (tube pocket) is 10cm wide and 12cm deep.

KOM Saddle Tool Roll on bike

The middle pocket is big enough for a road tube (18-25mm) or maxed out with a gravel tube (35-43mm). The side pockets fit larger multitools, two Co2 cartridges, and a tire plug tool. I found this combo of repairs tools to be just the right mix of volume for the KOM Saddle Tool Roll — any more, and the KOM Saddle Tool Roll was hard to fold nicely.

KOM Saddle Tool Roll off bike

The KOM Saddle Tool Roll has a bi-fold design with three pockets that fold over. The system folds into a little package by folding the large top piece down, each side towards the center, and affixing the velcro strap. The ATOP dial will take care of snugging the roll down.

What’s an ATOP dial?

To attach to the saddle rails, the KOM Saddle Tool Roll uses an ATOP dial system that uses a wire with quick release to take the roll off your machine quickly. The dials work just like the Boa-style, but instead of pulling the knob out to release, you dial the knob counterclockwise, and the catch releases.

KOM Saddle Tool Roll on saddle

The ATOP knob used on the KOM Tool Roll has a nice tactile feel thanks to the rubberized outer pieces. The knob is easy to access while on the bike and quick to adjust with winter gloves or sweaty summer hands.

KOM Saddle Tool Roll — ride impressions

In the wild, the KOM Saddle Tool Roll was a great companion when I needed a quick fix for a flat or adjustment. The ATOP dial kept the roll in place on all my rides, and the pack didn’t migrate down the seat tube like some I’ve tested.

KOM Saddle Tool Roll on PRO saddle

Packing the KOM Saddle Tool Roll is a dial-in process, and you have to find the right mix of tools and tubes for your adventure. I liked this as more of a road, gravel bike bag than something for my mountain bike.

The black color collects trail debris and mud but washes easily enough, and you don’t have to worry about grease stains. I mean — it’s a saddlebag, and black matches everything, plus the red in the KOM Cycling logo gives a cool little pop of color. For $30.00, the KOM Saddle Tool Roll is a super solid deal for a trustworthy saddlebag alternative.

Price: $30.00
Real weight: 110g

KOM Tube Strap on saddle

What is it? KOM Tube Strap

The KOM tube strap has many uses; its intended use is for affixing a tube to your bike frame. That can be on your down tube, top tube, or seat tube — this little strap has a heck of a grip and is an excellent accessory for long trips.

KOM Tube Strap off bike

It’s best to think of the KOM Tube Strap as an “anything strap” because it works like that. I’ve used it to keep my frame pump attached on sketchy gravel rides; I’ve used it as a saddle tube/tool/Co2 holder and once secured a rain jacket to my bike just for kicks.

KOM Tube Strap storage

The ATOP dial strap for the Tube Stap differs from the Saddle Tool Roll. It’s not a wire construction; it’s a different, soft-super-thread style material. The soft material allows it to not scratch frames and conforms to many different shapes effortlessly.

KOM Tube Strap atop strap

Inside the KOM Tube Strap

The exterior of the Tube Strap is a flat section of thick seatbelt-style material, and the inside is a super stretchy velcro strap with a large width to keep tubes and tools in place. The construction is solid, but I would like to have seen more than a single needle stitch attaching the stretchy material to the outer nylon. In my experience, these usually don’t stay attached for long, but so far, so good.

KOM Tube Strap from side

KOM Tube Strap — ride impressions

In the wild, the KOM Tube Strap performed its duties well. It stayed placed and never budged, even in the wet, muddy rides.

KOM Tube Strap on top tube

I have to say I’m still a bit skeptical of the ATOP threaded material leaving no mark on the frame, so where I did attach the KOM Tube Strap, I added 3M protective tape. In the end, I attached the KOM Tube Strap to one of the older bikes sans 3M tape, and there were no visible signs of wear.

KOM Tube Strap on top tube

If you are looking to add a little peace of mind with an extra tube to your ride, the KOM Tube Strap is a fantastic way to do it. At $20.00, it’s a bit more than using electrical tape to secure your tube, but way better looking and serves a variety of different uses. Plus — it’s only 29g!

Price: $20.00
Real weight: 29g


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frank merola
frank merola
2 years ago

looks very similar to the silica seat roll (which I have and like)

2 years ago

Backcountry Research straps already got this.

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