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Roundup: New cycling sunglasses from Adidas, KOO and 100% are ready to ride

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While bike parts may still be hard to come by thanks to global supply chain woes, there’s no shortage of sunglasses on the market. We’ve even seen new renditions of smart eyewear spring up that give riders more insight into their surroundings, among other features. The latest lines of shades from Adidas, 100% and KOO skip on the smartglass concept though and instead have options to fit every type of rider.

Adidas offers wide range for 2022

Adidas is heading into 2022 with a wide array of multi-sport sunglasses built to be durable, light, and comfortable across multiple disciplines. The lineup includes swooping, aerodynamic models ideal for cutting through the wind, or more casual styles for use in more relaxed circumstances.

A woman wearing Adidas SP0041 sunglasses. Side view.
Adidas SP0041 are among lengthy list of new frames from the brand’s 2022 lineup.

Adidas’ SP0041 is a fast-looking, sleek set of shades that feature a half-rim frame with rubber tip and no-slip contact points at the temple. The sunglasses come with adjustable nose pads with sweat drainers, and are available with photochromatic lenses and a protective coating to prevent damage from dirt, grease, or water. SP0041 sunglasses are available for MSRP $180.

Adidas’ SP0041 frames have an open-top to increase ventilation.

The SP0043 model carries a more rounded, swopping profile compared to the more aggressively styled SP0041. It also is a half rim frame, but the bottom of the lenses are open, rather than the top. Adidas added extra ventilation at the top of the frame in the form of nine holes and a removable sweat-proof brow bar. These also feature no-slip contact points and adjustable nose pads, along with a clip-in for use with prescription lenses. They are available for MSRP $160.

Adidas SP0043 detail photo. Front view.
Adidas’ SP0043 frames have a sleek, half-rim design with added ventilation holes at the top.

Adidas’ SP0042 features a rap design with long rubber end tips to keep the frames solidly in place. The SP0042 also features the nine-hole aeration system found in the SP0043. These have a slimmer profile than the SP0041 and SP0043, and are available with interchangeable lenses in various colors, along with clear or tinted options.

Adidas SP0042 sunglasses. Front angled view.
Adidas’ SP0042 sunglasses feature a wraparound design and nine ventilation holes at the top of the frame.

KOO upgrades lenses, adds rx clip-in

KOO Eyewear has taken their Spectro and Demos sunglasses up a notch by providing spare photochromic lenses that can give new life to any existing pair. The lenses are made to transition rapidly while sweeping through terrain with inconsistent lighting conditions.

Cyclist wearing KOO sunglasses with photochromic lens.
KOO is now offering photochromic lenses to its popular Spectro and Demos frames.

Key features of the new lenses option include anti-fog internal coating, 100% UV protection, contrast increase, clarity increase in dark conditions, and light equalization.

In addition to the new lenses, KOO has also added an rx clip-in option for riders who need to use ophthalmic lenses. The clip fits both Spectro and Demos frames, and weighs 1.8 grams.

KOO optical clip detail photo. Front view.
KOO is now offering an optical clip for its Demos and Spectro frames.

Photochromic lenses are available in pink for MSRP $100. Spectro sunglasses are available as complete sets for MSRP $209. Demos come complete for $199 MSRP.

The optical clip goes for MSRP $65.

100% brings two new frames, multiple colors to the table

San Diego-based 100% has launched its Eastcraft and Westcraft series of stylish shades that don’t skimp on aesthetics. The two styles are similar, but the Westcraft features a rounded edge, while the Eastcraft is more squared off.

100% Eastcraft sunglasses detail photo. Front angled view.
100%’s Eastcraft sunglasses feature a rounded frame and a dual-lens option.
The Eastcraft and Westcraft come with an interchangeable lens design and a new V-latch locking system that makes changing the lenses easier and cuts down on the potential for frame warp and damage. These frames also accept either a single lens or dual-lens option. The dual-lens option leaves a small hole in the middle of the frames for added ventilation.
100% Westcraft sunglasses detail photo. Front angles view.
100%’s Westcraft frames feature a squared profile and V-clip locking mechanism.
The Eastcraft is available in four colors, and the Westcraft comes in five. They are available for MSRP $195 to $225.
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