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Roundup: Three new super lightweight ActiveLook-powered smart sunglasses for cyclists

engo smart eyewear ultra lightweight augmented reality cycling glasses
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You can now buy augmented reality smart sunglasses that weigh as little as 35g thanks to new technology developed by ActiveLook. Who’s that? The augmented reality division of the French company MICROOLED, which manufactures high-resolution OLED microdisplays with very low energy consumption. The newly developed NeXT technology has realized lightweight smart eyewear that puts your essential data, such as time, distance, speed, HR, and in some cases, GPS turn-by-turn navigation, right before your very eyes.

These augmented reality cycling sunglasses are about as connected as it gets. Bluetooth connects the glasses to the ActiveLook App on your smartphone, which itself can connect to multiple sensors, meaning you can get a real-time display of key data like heart rate and power output directly in your field of vision. This ultra-lightweight execution of AR technology makes eyes-up running, riding, sailing, *insert your favorite activity here*, a practical reality. Here’s an introduction to the only three smart sunglasses to make use of the ActiveLook AR Tech… so far.

Julbo EVAD-1 Smart Cycling Sunglasses

julbo evad-1 augmented reality cycling eyewear

These are the lightest of the three in today’s augmented reality cycling glasses roundup, weighing a claimed 35g. Simply pass your hand over the side of these glasses to change the information displayed in the field of vision. Beyond the ActiveLook AR technology, the EVAD-1 makes use of Julbo’s REACTIV Photochromic 1-3 lenses. These react to light levels and/or UV to give maximum protection wherever you’re riding (open ground or through the trees) and whatever the weather (bright sunlight versus overcast conditions).

A rechargeable battery is seamlessly integrated into the frame, recharged via USB-C. it has an impressive claimed run time of up to 12 hours. 

The Julbo EVAD-1 has a wraparound shape, measuring 135mm from temple to temple. Unlike the other AR Cycling Glasses we’ll take a look at later, these ones lack hinges, so can’t be folded down when not in use. However, the arms of the EVAD-1 are designed to provide comfortable grip when worn with a helmet, with a soft material on the temples that doesn’t stick to hair.

The Julbo EVAD-1 Smart Glasses retail at €499, and are available in Black/Yellow only. They also come with two removable bridges to fit your face shape, two headcords to choose from, a hard glasses case, microfiber pouch, cleaning cloth, micro-USB/USB charging cable, quick start guide, and cleaning kit.


Cosmo Vision Smart Eyewear

cosmo vision ar cycling glasses
The Cosmo Vision AR Glasses offer GPS navigation with turn by turn directions

Like the Julbo offering, the Cosmo Vision AR display can be switched with a simple wave of the hand beside a sensor that sits inside the frame. What’s unique about these Smart Glasses is the ability to pair them with the Cosmo Ride Smart Light that can be retrofitted to just about any helmet – connecting the two gives you a field of view visual of the light’s activity, whether it’s displaying a braking light, or indicating left or right at a junction.

These ones weigh a claimed 40g, also making use of a photochromic lens with vents. The Cosmo Vision gets hinged arms, a USB-C rechargeable battery with 12 hour run time, IP54 waterproof rating, all with a 2-year warranty. Pre-order them for €489 direct from Cosmo, with an expected delivery date of December.


Engo Smart Sunglasses

engo activelook ar cycling glasses

The Engo Smart Glasses are the cheapest to boast the ActiveLook augmented reality technology, retailing at €427. They are also the heaviest, weighing a claimed 42g. After connecting with your Bluetooth devices, you can personalize what’s displayed on your lens by choosing among six data fields; distance, time, elevation profile, power, speed, and heart rate. These seem the best value for money for those who just want performance metrics and aren’t so fussy about navigation.

engo smart glasses interface

Engo’s photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light, providing clarity and 100% UV protection in all conditions. Engo offers a 100% guaranteed fit backed by a 30-day no-risk trial and a one-year warranty.


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2 years ago

Save the planete and stop consuming useless things. Just ride your bike.

2 years ago

That’s not how an economy works

Deputy Dawg
Deputy Dawg
2 years ago

I want glasses that are smart enough to repel sweat!

2 years ago

remember navin’s glasses in the Jerk

1 year ago

Has anyone heard from everysight ? Their raptor is not on sale any more. Are they out of business ?

7 months ago

Cool tech and stuff, but it is useless. Also not everyone ride with glasses, some use shields.

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