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Rule 28’s New Gravel Suit Has Nothing to Do with Rule #28 and Flat Out Breaks Rule #32

Rule 28 Gravel Suit hero(Photos/Rule 28)
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Ok, let’s unpack this. Wait, first, let me start by saying the words “gravel” and skinsuit” are two words that I would rather not share the same space. But aero specialists, Rule 28 think otherwise, as today they release their new Gravel Suit. This is a skinsuit that is designed for gravel racing and has a hydration bladder sleeve built into the back of it.

Rule 28 Gravel Suit bladder in the suit
(Photos/Rule 28)

Ok, let’s go over a few rules. What rules? While they don’t come right out and say it, it’s safe to say that Rule 28 based its name on the infamous Velominati rules. If you don’t know what those are, it probably means you just go and ride your bike for fun without worrying what anyone else thinks of you.

For those that strictly follow the rules, let’s discuss.

Take, for instance, actual Rule #28: “Socks can be any damn color you like”. That makes sense and is a perfectly good example of a rule that can be adhered to.

And Rule #26: “Make your bike photogenic”. Now, I break this rule quite often. Rarely when I snap a trailside shot of my bike are my valve stems at 6 o’clock. Plus, my crank arms are usually all over the place, it’s a real mess sometimes.

But Rule #32 clearly states: “Humps are for camels: NO HYDRATION PACKS”. It then goes on to state that “hydration packs are never to be seen on a road rider’s body. No argument will be entered into on this. For MTB, they are cool.”

And therein lies the rub, Gravel is not road… sneaky Rule 28, very sneaky.

I’m Mostly Kiddin’

Ok, for all of you ready to break some rules, let’s talk about what Rule 28 offers with their new Gravel Suit.

Rule 28 Gravel Suit humpy

Rule 28 says that they developed the Gravel Suit with the demands and feedback of elite gravel racers in mind. Rule 28 is a longtime sponsor of professional gravel racer and YouTuber Dylan Johnson.

Rule 28 Gravel Suit Dylan and the hose
Hose loops.

Johnson had this to say: “Last year we went to the wind tunnel and found out that a USWE pack actually improved aerodynamics. Rule 28 took that idea and ran with it for the gravel suit, creating a pretty genius solution for carrying fluid and making you faster at the same time“.

Sorry, CamelBak the “creating a pretty genius solution for carrying fluid” award goes to Rule 28, according to 27-year-old Johnson.

But Seriously…

Gravel racing is getting a lot faster and getting a lot more like road racing. Rule 28 says that this is the reason they’ve turned their expertise to the discipline, saying that “providing aero gains is no longer confined to the tarmac and track“. Ok, I get that.

The new Gravel Suit utilizes a 1.5L capacity pouch at the rear to hold a water bladder securely. They say it even stays in place over rough terrain, say as in a gravel race course, eliminating the need for a backpack during ultra-distance races.

Rule 28 Gravel Suit hose loops
Hose Loops.

Rule 28 says the pouch ensures easy enough access that water refills are quick through feed stations. Plus, there are two loops at the shoulder of the suit to hold the hose in place.

Just Like their Tri Suit

Rule 28 drew inspiration from their Tri Suit pattern. Although the Gravel Suit has been optimized for a slightly more upright position, unlike the flatter back of the Road and TT Suits.

Rule 28 Gravel Suit out of the saddle

Ribbed arm panels come up and over the shoulder to form a raglan sleeve, allowing the tripping of airflow over the back. Getting specific, Rule 28 utilized the same fabrics as their existing aero range and says the Gravel Suit was developed for speeds between 30-45kph (18-28mph).

Ultra-distance racing demands a lot of effective fueling. For that reason, the two nutrition pockets on the rear of the Gravel Suit are larger than those on their Road Suit, providing ample storage.

The Gravel Suit to Debut at UNBOUND

Rule 28 Gravel Suit so aero bro

Rule 28 says the Gravel Suit represents their continued pursuit of “industry-leading aerodynamic apparel, designed for those loyal to speed and not confined to one discipline“. The Gravel Suit is only the “beginning of an exciting lineup of new performance offerings coming soon“.

Look for the Gravel Suit at UNBOUND this year, as it will be worn by the Felt UN1TED team.


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23 days ago

Kinda disappointed you used images of Felt United rider Danni Shrosbree without so much as mentioning her name.

22 days ago
Reply to  Faith

Article is about the hydration system….

21 days ago

Ridiculous and dorky and I love it.

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