If you’ve been eyeing up a Salsa StormChaser but like your shifty bits, get ready cause something new is blowing in. Formerly a dedicated single speed bike, Salsa has updated the Stormchaser for 2022 with gears!

Salsa Stormchaser SUS GRX splashing

OK, technically, you could still run gears on the last Stormchaser, but the complete bikes were only built as single speed. Now, that’s done a 180.

That’s not all, though. In addition to the 1x drive train, Salsa gave the Stormchaser a RockShox Rudy XPLR 40 mm fork and a dropper post.

Salsa Stormchaser SUS GRX wide bars

These updates take the Stromchaser into much more capable territory.

If you’re thinking, “oh no! Not the single speed!” Don’t worry. The option is still there for those who want to ride it as a single-speed. Just adjust the Alternator sliding dropouts for the right chain tension and boom— single speed!

Salsa Stormchaser SUS GRX in the snow

The choice was always there to run the frameset as a geared bike, but this is the first time we see the bike offered in a geared configuration as a complete bike for purchase.

Salsa Stormchaser SUS GRX night shots

Salsa StormChaser — What is the spec?

The Stromchaser GRX 810 1X SUS build is a mix of hearty gear that will take the abuse of gravel roads. The frame is the same Stormchaser we all know, but with an updated gray hi-gloss paint.

The 6066-T6 alloy frame uses Salsas Class 5 VRS (Vibration Reduction System) that uses thin, outwardly bowed seat stays and vertically compliant chainstays to absorb road vibrations. We’ve experienced the VRS on the Warroad and can attest to its comfortable ride. We imagine the same can be said about the VRS on an alloy frame, but haven’t experienced it in person.

Salsa Stormchaser SUS GRX epic shot

As for the new additions, the StormChaser gets a RockShox Rudy XPLR 40 mm fork with lockout. The new 90 mm dropper post will let you get over the back wheel and descend with confidence for shredding the uber-gravel.

Salsa Stormchaser SUS GRX gravel race machine

Shifting and braking are all Shimano GRX, and the 1 x 11 drivetrain is efficient with comfortable hoods to keep hands fresh on long bumpy rides. The updated StormChaser looks to make gravel more accessible and riders more confident in the serious stuff.

Salsa Stormchaser SUS GRX catalog shoot

Salsa StormChaser SUS Pricing and Availability

U.S. MSRP $3,499.00
CAD MSRP $4,649.00

Available: Now

For more information check out: www.salsacycles.com

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Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim
3 months ago

Get rid of the Drop bars and I swear that looks just like my 90’s Mountain Bike. With better brakes and a dropper.

Fred Ddbg
Fred Ddbg
3 months ago
Reply to  Tiny Tim

Amazing comment, you know you’re not the first one to say that each time a gravel bike shows up with big tires, and any kind of suspension. First, and then what? Second, you can still send me a picture of your 90’s MTB with 1x, Tubeless tires, disc brakes, 29inch wheels, I’ll stop there. Choice is good, let the industry being an industry for good or bad, if it’s not for you don’t buy and move one. If it’s for nobody, they will stop making them. This 90mtb thing is really worn out…like a 90’s MTB pathetic really

Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim
3 months ago
Reply to  Fred Ddbg

I didn’t say it was a bad thing. This one seriously reminds me of my old bike. I still have my old 2in travel Marzocchi XCR hanging on the wall.

3 months ago

Strange choice from Salsa. If you’re riding rough enough terrain to need suspension then the aluminium frame is going to suffer from both ride quality and fatigue failure.

Gears, Suspension, and Dropper is going to add 3-5 pounds over the single speed, seems like this build would make more sense on a Cutthroat.

3 months ago
Reply to  Tony

Kind of makes you wonder if they had a bunch of these frames and a pile of sus forks they couldn’t unload and decided to see if they could capitalize on the bike shortage by offering this setup.

3 months ago