Italian bike maker Scapin is back on the road with an all new bike – the Kalibra Disc. The first disc brake road bike for the brand, the Kalibra Disc had its unveiling in Verona this past week, where it won a design award at the CosmoBike show. The bike combines a mixture of streamlined, aero inspired design with boxy shapes to maximize drivetrain and handling stiffness. While their LTD SL is billed as a climber, this new Kalibra Disc looks to take over the everyday road and sprint title from their semi-aero, rim-braked Ivor…


At the front, the Kalibra Disc gets a backswept set of fork legs that transition smoothly into the aerofoil tapered headtube. That fork is even a bit asymmetric, with a larger cross section on the disc-side leg to better handle braking forces.

Like the head and downtubes, the seat tube uses a cut-off aero profile and even a partial rear wheel cutout to improve overall aerodynamics. The seatstays are slimmed down and moved forward of the seat cluster to improve comfort but also get aero profile to help the back of the bike slip through the air.

scapin_kalibra-disc_carbon-aero-disc-brake-road-bike_farmeset-rendering scapin_kalibra-disc_carbon-aero-disc-brake-road-bike_seatpost-clamp-rendering

Finishing of the aero design, the Kalibra Disc employs an aero seatpost as well with a stealth clamp. While most expander-style seatpost clamps get hidden inside a bike’s seat cluster, Scapin opens up a small window in the frame that puts the clamping mechanism outside, but sheltered from the wind by the extended seatstays.


The Kalibra Disc frame itself is a monocoque construction based on T1000 carbon, with full internal routing and modular stops. It uses Scapin’s Racing Concept geometry, the same found on the LTD SL that we rode back at the beginning of the summer.

Hitting the new disc road standards, the Kalibra Disc gets 12mm thru-axles and flat mount disc brakes. Scapin chose to spec the bike out with Shimano groups to take advantage of Ice Tech rotors, so new disc brake roadies can run the smaller 140mm rotors with confidence whether the ride rolling hills or big Alpine climbs and descents.

scapin_kalibra-disc_carbon-aero-disc-brake-road-bike_paint-shop-red scapin_kalibra-disc_carbon-aero-disc-brake-road-bike_paint-shop-green

The Kalibra Disc is available in standard black, or some other custom colors. It comes in a 5 size range from S-XXL and will be available from October 2016 in builds from Tiagra up to Dura-Ace Di2. Like with the LTD SL, this Kalibra Disc will make its way into North America care or Frameset pricing is $2,600 $2700 including delivery, complete build prices TBA. &


      • LowRider on

        Ops! My bad. I saw that frame at the Cosmo Show last week and didn’t notice the brakes. I guess that’s due to my general tendency to dismiss them.

        Anyway, back to the seat stays. I don’t think that’s going to affect shifting. However, it’s going to make a positive difference in the handling making it crisper.

        Scapin makes the best and coolest Italian bikes.


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