Schmolke has reinvented one of the key aspects of the drop road handlebar that’s been a standard as long we’ve known. The new FullOver handlebar tapers from a 31.8 OD clamp section to a 27.5mm diameter by the time it gets to the first bend. The thicker 27.5mm diameter continues all the way to the end of the bars. For reference, standard is 24mm. This provides a little more surface area for larger hands and, when combined with thicker bar tape, makes for a pretty nice platform.

All that extra girth doesn’t add too many grams, though. Schmolke’s main goal is to create the lightest component in any category he builds in, and these (while basically in a category of their own for now) are no exception. Weight is currently 175g but Stefan Schmolke says he’d like to get it between 155g and 170g depending on width. Those’ll retail for €450.

Not light enough for ya, big guy? The TLO (The Lightest One) version will be 135g to 150g standard, and as low as 115g with a custom build for lighter riders. Be prepared to shell out €125 premium for TLO treatment.

Schmolke FullOver oversized drop road handlebar for cyclists with larger hands

He uses a special made shifter lever mount that doesn’t clamp around his bars. At right, a standard diameter road post fits all the way inside the FullOver.

Schmolke FullOver oversized drop road handlebar for cyclists with larger hands

The light weight doesn’t come at the expense of ergonomics.

2013 Schmolke ultralightweight setback seatpost aka sattlestutze TLO

The TLO seatpost (aka Sattlestütz TLO) gets a 10mm setback version. The road version (27.2 x 250mm) comes in at just 87g and the MTB model (27.2 x 350mm) is 116g. Prices are €430 and €495 respectively.

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