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Meet Scott’s New Cross Wind Killing Helmet, the Cadence Plus

Scott Cadence Plus helmet header
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The Scott Cadence has been at the top of the performance list for a while. It is suitable for road and off-road use and has some unique features that aren’t full of gimmicks. The newest iteration reveals an aero upgrade, removable vent plugs, and a crosswind-disrupting (not killing, sorry) design that might put it on your new helmet list. 

Scott Cadence Plus Helmet — What is it? 

Scott Cadence Plus helmet road
(All Photos: Scott-Sports)

The Cadence Plus’ new design is more of a refinement of the previous design, with some “real-world” bike racer/rider needs. The helmet now boasts a magnetic buckle and a clip-on rear light port. 

However, don’t let the light mount fool you into thinking this is a commuter design. The new Cadence Plus arrives with a claimed 5.2% decrease in drag coefficient.

Lets Talk Vents

Scott Cadence Plus helmet riders

Most notable is that the helmet’s five vents have shrunk in size. The three center ports stay closer to the forehead, while the side vents are drastically reduced in overall size. 

Scott Cadence Plus helmet

Why reduce vents?

Maximizing the airflow while keeping the helmet steady in crosswinds is the idea. Reducing and manipulating the vents reduces drag in 15-degree crosswinds by 22% compared to its predecessor.

Scott Cadence Plus helmet front

If you’re looking for the most aero (or water-repellent) version of the Scott Cadence Plus, you can plug the vents with the additional port holes (sold separately…). They look slightly like speakers and offer an aero advantage without the need for a full-on helmet change. 

Scott Cadence Plus helmet top green

The Scott design team also reduced the helmet’s overall volume by 10%, making it smaller overall. Scott claims his volume is mainly due to the MIPS Air Node, a minimalistic version of MIPS’ low-friction linings designed to reduce forces on the head upon impact.

Scott Cadence Plus helmet top

Wouldn’t fewer vents make the helmet hot?

Scott thought of that, too. When examining the internal airflow, the new Cadence has been ‘opened up’ so air flows through the helmet more efficiently. Two small vents on the side and a closed center funnel to an open rear, allowing the air to flow faster. 

Wind Tunnel Testing 

Scott Cadence Plus helmet header

Scott’s wind tunnel testing produced a claimed saving of one watt versus the old Cadence helmet. The design team tested at a 43km/h speed, equating to a saving of 10 seconds over 40km. If you want to shave even more time – two watts and 16 seconds over 40km at 40km/h – plugs for the vents are available to purchase separately.

The helmet’s overall weight has dropped by a few grams despite the reduction in vent size and heavier magnetic buckle — most of the credit goes to the new MIPS Air Node lining.

Scott Cadence Plus helmet solo

Scott Cadence Plus Helmet Details: 

  • MIPS® Brain Protection System integrated with the padding
  • Aero Optimized
  • Lightweight construction
  • Optimized Ventilation
  • Magnetic buckle
  • Sunglasses storage windows
  • Rechargeable LED rear clip-on light
  • Vent plugs for aero performance and weather protection are available as an accessory.
  • Sizes: S, M, L
  • Colors: Purple, White, Team-Green, Black
  • Weight: 280g medium 
  • Pricing: $230


The new Scott Cadence Plus helmet is now available at your local Scott dealer or online. 


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aero has jumped the shark (again)

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