SE Bikes Introduces the Bumpbox, a Speaker Built For Rideouts

It’s not often you find an outdoor community that won’t shun any Bluetooth speaker-toting member, let alone celebrate them. But the laidback, company-keen cycling rideout community is unique and off-the-cuff in a lot of ways.

The creative minds at BMX brand SE Bikes know this, which is why they’ve designed the Bumpboxx — a high-fidelity, bike-friendly Bluetooth boombox.

All self-proclaimed rideout deejays — this one’s for you.


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The rideout-ready Bumpboxx

The SE Bumpboxx isn’t really a new idea (I’m fairly confident that most of us have tried to make our own, janky version of the Bumpboxx at home). But it is one of the first legitimate executions of that concept.

There are a few aspects that make the Bumpboxx stand out from other portable Bluetooth speakers. Visually, the speaker is just a tiny boombox, which is a fun touch, especially if John Hughes, jean jackets, and teen angst are your thing (yes, that is a “Say Anything” reference. Am I dating myself?).

Two front-facing speakers and an extreme rear bass radiator deliver the sound. (Currently, there isn’t any information on how many decibels the Bumpboxx can achieve.)

But it’s the Bumpboxx’s sound-venting backpack that transforms a kitschy little blaster into a ride-ready sound machine. The pack also features additional compartments fit for wallets, keys, smaller gear, and fuel.

SE Bikes Bumpboxx bluetooth rideout speaker backpack

Bluetooth tech provides quick connectivity to smartphones and true wireless stereo, which allows two Bumpboxxs to pair and play in tandem (Dolby on wheels? Not quite, but close!). Wired connectivity is possible, too, via the unit’s 3.5mm aux in/out.

The speaker’s lithium battery is good for 12 hours of continuous play on a full charge via its USB-C port.

And a small remote control lets riders manage the basics without having to futz with their phones or pull off mid-ride.

Bumpboxx key features
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • TWS wireless pairing of 2 units
  • Rechargeable lithium battery w/12 hour playtime
  • Extreme Rear Bass Radiator
  • USB charging port
  • SE sound-venting backpack included
  • Length: 16.5”, Width: 4.25”, Height: 11.75”

SE Bumpboxx pricing, availability

The Bumpboxx and backpack ($300 MSRP) are available at and through various SE dealers throughout the U.S. To find a local retailer, head to SE’s locally page here.

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4 months ago
4 months ago

Looks like the moderator(s) did not appreciate my facepalm gif.

4 months ago

300 bucks and it doesn’t even have a built in FM radio?

4 months ago

Wait, an “extreme rear bass radiator” firing straight into your back? How much will that actually radiate?

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
4 months ago

I’d personally just buy headphones, no sense polluting the trails or bike path with your yacht rock or Cardi B that no one aside from yourself wants to hear.