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Shimano EP801 “Race Tune” Now Available as a Firmware Update

shimano race tune e-bike motor being ridden.

Last week it was a pair of new entry-level e-bike motors for casual riders. This week it’s a race-specific tune offered as a firmware update for their top-of-the-line EP801 drive system.

The new tune option comes from feedback from their Enduro eMTB racing team, and a few of the features are also available for the EP600 series motors, too.

Shimano eMTB Race Tune updates

shimano ep801 e-bike drive system on an orbea mountain bike.

Designed to help their racers shave seconds and have more control over the motor’s performance, these updates focus on maximizing output and operational speed. Key features include:

  • Higher assist level in Boost Mode
  • Customizable max speed cutoff progression
  • Extended carry-over assist when riders stop pedaling

Basically, this means the 600W motor more quickly and easily achieves the maximum 400% assist when it’s in the highest boost setting. If you’re on a really steep climb or hit a steep pitch unexpectedly, this helps you out more and more quickly.

shimano ep801 on a yeti race bike riding by.

The progressive cutoff feature lets you customize how sharply the assistance tapers off when you get near the maximum assist speed. You can have it gradually taper off for a more natural feel, or drop off a cliff as soon as you reach the top speed so you can eke out every last ounce of assistance.

Lastly, you can set the extended assist to keep the motor going for Short, Medium, or Long durations when you stop pedaling. This helps if you have to stop pedaling through a really rough, technical section so you don’t clip your pedals but also don’t want to lose momentum. Backpedaling cancels it, giving you a quick, easy way to cancel it in a pinch.

Auto Shift updated, too

This update also delivers faster automatic shifts while braking hard or accelerating quickly, helping it keep you in the right gear without you having to lift a finger. It also temporarily cancels AUTO SHIFT if you manually shift on a descent.

Shimano says this is “crucial for setting up for scenarios like G-outs and rapid braking into tight corners with hard pedaling out of them where only the rider can choose the perfect gear.” It’ll then resume auto-shifting after a few seconds.

Available now…or later

shimano ep801 display.

The new firmware is available free to all EP801 bike owners now, just visit you local dealer to have the firmware update applied. All new EP801-equipped bikes assembled after June 25 will come with the update pre-installed.

Not in a hurry? Shimano’s E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist smartphone app will be updated this autumn to allow riders to perform this firmware update and customize their EP801 setting on their own.

EP601 owners will see the new firmware add the Max Speed Cutoff and AUTO SHIFT updates to their bikes.


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23 days ago

E- racers huh. I suppose everything has to be marketed with racing. It would be refreshing to see something else.

Mr. P
Mr. P
22 days ago
Reply to  Braincell

This is the first “e” thing I’ve seen communicated as racing. And it’s free, and an option. And there is “e” everything being (overly) marketed now. I guess I’m just not seeing what your seeing.

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