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Shimano Intros Yumeya XTR Upgrade Brand

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2009 shimano yumeya carbon fiber rear derailleur mech plate

Shimano is introducing its new Yumeya boutique brand at Eurobike, offering parts that are “characterized by a lightweight and exclusive design to give your XTR bike a personal look and feel”. To me, some of it looks and feels like a lot of machining. So, you could save some coin by breaking out the dremel tool and machining away on your own…or plunk down for shiny gold parts that let everyone know how fast you really are (and keep your warranty).

Options include:
– Carbon rear derailleur plates for RD-M970/971 (-7g)
– Titanium casette sprockets (-15g per set of 17/20T)
– Titanium bolts (-25g per set)
– Machined aluminum left crankarm fixing bolt (-??g)
– Hollow pin Ti-Nitride chain (-10g/110 links)
– Disc brake lever lid (-3.5g)
– Machined aluminum shift lever bracket (-??g)
– Greased outer shift cable housing (-10g/m)
– Clear/White brake cable housing (+39% rigidity)
– Machined aluminum shift barrel adjuster (-??g)
– Rear derailleur pulleys (-1g)

As a bonus feature, the descriptions on the Yumeya website offer some entertaining “Engrish” descriptions, and we’ve included them below the images after the break…

As you review these images, just remember back to 2001 when gold-plated badges and emblems were cool on cars for a hot minute. Then they looked (and still do look) ghetto. Hopefully Shimano will keep the tech but change the color scheme, IMO.

Shifter Barrel Adjusters: “Combination of silver and gold…makes stylish image”

Disc Brake Lever Lid: “keep rigidity, perfect combination of white and gold holds wide appeal”

17-20t Cassette Sprocket: “15g lighter preeminent gold appearance”

116-Link HG Chain: “weight lighter inner link keeps higher durability against chain stretch for longer life time and better oil keeping”

2009 Shimano Yumeya gold shifter plate bracket

Shift Lever Bracket Band: : “Combination of silver and gold color design makes stylish image”

2009 shimano yumeya ti titanium bicycle bolt kit

Ti Bolt Kit: “Made by titanium” and “molybdenum coating prevent from screw seizing, titanium nitride gold finish makes stylish image”

Shift Lever Clamp and Fixing Bolts shown, others included in kit are: Brake Hose Connecting Bolt, Cable Fixing Bolt and Pulley Bolt for rear Der., Clamp and Front Der. Fixing Bolt for front der., and Caliper Fixing Bolt for disc brake).

BTW, “Yumeya” is Japanese for “Dream Workshop”, and Shimano has had Yumeya products in their fishing line since at least ’07.  No word on pricing yet. All this machining has got me thinking…got anything you’ve machined, modded or customized?  Send us some pics and info on it and we’ll post it under our “Hacks” category for all to see.

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dr alberto madrilejo
dr alberto madrilejo
14 years ago

nice opening statement of yours…..

i was checking the prices…it would cost around $1000 dollars to have the yumeya bling bling attached to ones xtr stuff… and maybe lose a pound….
is it really worth it….maybe i will lose 2 pounds by dieting and get the same weight loss which would make my body feel better…

i would appreciate if there is a site where one can order a complete titanium or aluminum set of screws…whcihever is lighter is good for me…

my setup is a giant anthem advanced, all carbon parts and all xtr…its light but…spend $1000 is not realistic…

warm regards

dr madrilejo

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