What’s faster than Silca’s Secret Blend waxed chains? A chain polished for three days with diamond dust and then coated with their Secret Blend wax treatment!

New Silca Diamond Polished & Waxed Chain kits are now being offered for every major road, gravel & mountain bike drivetrain, promising an instantaneous drag reduction upgrade to make you faster than ever. Ready for up to 30% improvement in chain-drive efficiency?

Silca Diamond Polished chains promise “lowest possible friction”

From messy melted wax to their Secret Chain Blend wax-in-a-bag to their near-hot melt Super Secret lube, Silca has been trying for years to convince us how much energy we could save with a properly treated chain. It’s not just Silca, AbsoluteBlack’s GraphenWax kits & lubes, Wend Waxworks, and more have been telling us to get waxed to go fast.

But now, Silca promises even more drag reduction with diamond-polished, Tungsten DiSulfide (WS₂) treated & waxed chains. They say these have been the choice of ProTour teams, World Championship winners, and cyclists who’ve set new records in the velodrome.

Free Speed Secrets. How does it work?

Silca Diamond Polished Waxed Chains, world's fastest ever racing chain, teaser

Silca says the secret to decreased friction is all in the preparation, so they take the hassle out of it for you. Silca takes the top 11, 12 & 13-speed chains, cleans away their factory lube, then sets out to make them faster.

To deburr and remove any extra metal leftover from manufacturing, Silca puts each chain through a 72-hour diamond polishing process. Chains are immersed in a diamond powder slurry that actually gets inside to smooth out every surface of the chain and all of its parts, internally & externally – reducing “surface roughness by as much as 5x”.

Then, they impregnate the smooth chain with a dry Tungsten Disulfide powder treatment, with particles sized to match the diamond-polished surface. Lastly, Silca soaks your chain in their Secret Blend hot wax, which also with those WS₂ particles.

Silca Diamond Polished Waxed Chains, world's fastest ever racing chain, Shimano Dura-Ace

The end result is a chain that “runs as much as 30% more efficiently than other pre-prepared racing chain preparations, potentially saving up to 0.6-0.8 watts over the previously fastest chain preparation in the world“.

Great, but how much is it going to cost?

Silca Diamond Polished & Waxed Chains – Pricing, options & availability

Silca Diamond Polished Waxed Chains, world's fastest ever racing chain, bannerWe all know there’s no free speed. You don’t have to pedal for it, but you’ve gotta pay for it. The new “world’s fastest ever racing chain prep” is available direct from Silca in ten different 11sp, 12sp & 13sp Diamond Polished Chain and Wax Bundles, starting at $225-$260 for standard premium chains.

The standard available options include:

Not fancy enough? YBN’s titanium 11-speed chain kit is available for $350.

Each bundle includes the treated chain, a 4oz bottle of Silca Super Secret lube for a touch up every 100mi/160km, a Microfiber Towel to wipe the chain clean of debris after every ride, and a 500g bag of Silca Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax for your 800-1000mi/1300-1600km refresh.



  1. Timcook on

    Pointless. Roughness of the surface inside the chain is <3um but the biggest problem they fail to see is that stamped plates and rollers of a chain have uneven surface of more than 100um in places. This is a result of a process how chains are made where no surface is actually even. Nothing will polish that as the unevenness is of more than 0.1mm ! Polishing can remove 1/100 of that at most.

    Also most top end chains have Chromium compound coatings of about 1-3um on rollers, pins and inner plates. This is the hard stuff that prevents chain from wearing out too fast as it's normally on pins and inner plates in top chains. "Polishing" it with diamond powder will just remove that Chromium compound coatings in hot spots where chain has metal on metal contact and will simply accelerate the wear of your chain at the second you have lube starvation or a bit of contamination like sand.

  2. NOT tested on

    “potentially saving up to 0.6-0.8 watts ” …..Potentially?

    So all that buzz and no tests confirming it? Seriously? April Fools I guess but a bit late.

  3. Glen on

    “potentially saving up to 0.6-0.8 watts ”

    Where is the proof?
    If they ask that much money for a chain I would expect independent lab tests to prove it.

  4. Henry Krates on

    Chain friction is quite a minor cost to rider effort compared to wind resistance, rider weight, lack of witness. Unless you really are a pro rider better to spend time/money on improving other factors.


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