Just a few months ago, absoluteBLACK introduced their expensive, process-intensive GRAPHENlube chain lube and billed it as the ultimate way to reduce chain friction. Now, they’re back with a more consumer-friendly option built on a wax base.

The new GRAPHENwax chain coating claims to have a few key differences from others, including the recent introductions from Silca (drip and melt) and Ceramicspeed. First, they say it won’t shed. Second, there’s no break in period (sort of). And third, there are some key chemical differences. Here’s the details…

GRAPHENwax application

graphenwax graphene infused chain wax lube from absoluteblack

Speed looks like a box of chocolates…er, wax lube bricks.

Quick background for those new to chain waxing. There’s a full wax bath, which is what we’re talking about here, and there are drip-application wax lubes, like Squirt, Ceramicspeed, etc. In between are stick-application products like WendWax.

The new absoluteBLACK GRAPHENwax is the bath type. Just clean your chain thoroughly, then drop it into the melted wax. Here’s their application video showing exactly how to apply the GRAPHENwax hot wax to your chain:

While the video shows a cleaning and reapplication process…just soak the chain in white spirits, dry completely, then soak in the melted wax while moving it about so it works its way between all the chains, pins and rollers. Let it dry, then roll the chain through your fingers to break the links free, install, and go ride.

(and for the love of all that is holy, please don’t use a scratchy metal thing to stir the chain in your non-stick pot)

They say you can use the initial GRAPHENwax application as the foundation for their GRAPHENlube. So, clean and wax it to start, then maintain with their wax-based, graphene-infused chain lube for quicker, easier friction reduction.

What makes GRAPHENwax different?

graphenwax graphene infused chain wax lube from absoluteblack

absoluteBLACK says this product is extremely quiet, and keeps your chain clean without as much wax sloughing off during the ride.

The addition of Graphene, which they explained in great detail when they launched their GRAPHENlube, further reduces friction and helps it last a lot longer. It should be good for a claimed 400km (250 miles) per application.

absoluteblack graphenwax hot melt wax bath chain lube

Another key difference is the absence of some common lubricating ingredients used by other brands. Since we’re not materials scientists, here’s the explanation in their words:

“While these substances can exhibit super low friction, they do it only in vacuum or inert gas. In normal humid air, they have not only high friction but also have very short life because of the rapid oxidation process. Using these additives in chain lubricant, where water is often present, is pointless. We also do not use any oils or paraffin oils in the mixture because it adversely impacts the friction.”

They say it’s temperature stable up to 100ºC (212ºF), so it won’t melt off your chain on a hot day, but melts quickly in the pot for easier application.

absoluteblack graphenwax hot melt wax bath chain lube

At launch, they’re selling it for half price at $29.95 (€29.95 / £24.95) through March 1, 2021. After that, it’ll be regular price of twice that amount. Buuuuut…

Their rep told us each application only uses about 3.5g, assuming you let it drip back into the pot, and you can re use it. Just pour the hot wax into a mold or baggie and save it for next time. And the next time…and so forth.

Of course, if you want to let someone else do all this work for you, you could just buy the pre-lubed/waxed chain and install out of the box. Then just top it off with their GRAPHENlube as needed.



  1. Joenomad on

    What’s the interval between hot wax spa day for the chain? Also calls for a dedicated pot and hot plate for the garage, as there’s no way the wife would allow this on the kitchen stove.

  2. mud on

    Do they recommend this for trail use where the bike gets muddy and has to be washed frequently? I ride a gravel bike and usually it needs a bath every other ride.

  3. scott g. on

    The package looks like they’re selling very fancy chocolates.
    Absolute Black 85% dark chocolates?
    Come on guy, you need a line extension.

  4. Crash Bandicoot on

    250 miles? That doesn’t seem great I get nearly double that between applications of Dumonde Tech Dry and all I have to do is throw the chain in the ultrasonic one time in it’s life the rest it is cleaned on the bike.

    • absoluteBLACK on

      Hi Crash,

      GRAPHENwax is mainly designed for people who already hot wax their chains and know well what are the issues with home made product. Our hot melt wax not only lasts longer than anything else but it way easier to apply, does not crumble, is super easy to break-in, super quiet and so on. Other hot melt waxes have a lot of pitfalls that we are solving with this product. But again it’s mainly designed for the people who are already familiar with hot melt waxing and use it all the time. For them this product is “dream come true”.

      If you are for longevity and super low friction we already offer GRAPHENlube that lasts on average 1000 miles in dry and 500 in wet per application and is better than any other liquid lube you have ever used. It’s been used this year by winners of Tour de France and Vuelta – two most iconic races on the Globe. Check it out on our website. .

    • Tom on

      I get a black graphene reside which taints everything else black, tried a few application, cleaning everything to within an inch of its life (crock pot included), but kept happening. Swapped back to normal wax


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