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Silca Secret Chain Lube gets new Hot Melt Wax option – no crock pot required!

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Recently, Silca introduced their Super Secret Chain lube that promised ‘near’ hot melt wax performance in a bottle. Calling it 95-98% as effective as hot melt wasn’t enough for everyone though. After the launch of the Super Secret Lube, Silca says they were flooded by requests for the actual hot melt version that would deliver that final 5%.

Silca Secret Chain Blen Hot Melt Wax option

Ask and you shall receive – Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax is here. In this case the packaging is just as exciting as the actual product. While most hot melt wax lubes require you to dedicate a crock pot to the cause to melt the wax, Secret Chain Blend can be melted – in the bag. That’s right, simply take the pouch, put it in a pot of boiling water, and the wax melts inside the bag.

Silca Secret Chain Blen Hot Melt Wax option melt in bag

Silca’s Josh Poertner says they went to a restaurant supplier that makes bags for sous vide cooking as well as military MRE pouches, and came up with a resealable pouch that stands up to the heat. Once the wax is melted, you can dunk the chain right into the bag and seal it up. That allows you to put the bag into your ultrasonic cleaner which will ultrasonically lube your chain with the wax which Silca claims provide the best result (some ultrasonic cleaners will even get hot enough to melt the wax themselves).

Silca Secret Chain Blen Hot Melt Wax option Micro WS2

Like the Super Secret Chain Lube, the Secret Chain Blend uses three specific sizes of nano scale Tungsten Disulfide which acts to modify the surface of the chain. This is said to cause chains waxed with either lube or wax to actually get faster over time with repeated waxings.

And since the wax is specifically matched and compatible with their drip lube, you can use the drip lube to extend the life of each wax job and “top off” as needed.

Also, like the Super Secret Chain Lube, you’ll need to extensively clean your chain before application of the hot-melt wax.

Priced at $40, Secret Blend Hot Melt Wax is sold in a 500g pouch and is available now.



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Jason West
Jason West
2 years ago

Cool, but curious to see how much better it is compared to $5 grocery store, canning paraffin wax. something I’ve been doing lately is using Scentsy wax. It works really good AND smells really nice (-:

2 years ago
Reply to  Jason West

from previous lab test around 0.5W, lower from 5 to 4.5W drag… and could potentially close part of this gap with some low friction additives (https://zerofrictioncycling.com.au/)

2 years ago

The boil-in-bag is a nifty idea for making chain waxing less messy.

If only chain cleaning could be so simple… 😉

2 years ago

Neat concept for working with wax; boil in bag. I like it.

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