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Silca uncorks next ‘Small Batch’ Ti Bottle Cage & Straw kits, Dynaplug tools get Meerkat Magic

Silca Bourbon Double Oak ti bottle cage and straw kit
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Some call it frivolous, some call it fun, but there is plenty of room in the cycling industry for finishing touches and adornments that add personal flair to our prized two-wheel steeds… or tool kits!

If you’re a fancy lad or lass you might be familiar with Silca’s titanium bottle cage and straw kits. If they haven’t made a set that perfectly matches your custom bike yet, Silca now has two more colors to choose from – Bourbon Double Oak and Aqua.

On the affordable end of things, Dynaplug has added some art to two small items for tubeless riders. Their new Co2 canisters offer a fun, colorful alternative to the usual plain cylinder, and their spare plug packaging now features local artwork.

Silca limited edition Ti Bottle Cage and Straw Kits:

Silca Bourbon Double Oak ti bottle cageFor those who insist on the most exotic materials to carry and enjoy their during and post-ride beverages, Silca has you covered with their titanium bottle cage and straw kits. Today’s big news is the two new limited edition colors Silca has just released.

The first new ‘small batch’ color is called Bourbon Double Oak, which surely appeals to fans of the southern spirit. The bourbon ti cages and straws feature a bronze/copper-ish color that’s not only anodized but double dipped to ensure an uncompromising finish. The Bourbon Double Oak kit includes Silca’s first-generation Sicuro cages, which weigh 29g (without hardware) and offer 16mm of fore-aft adjustment.

Silca Aqua ti bottle cage and straw kit

The second new color option is Aqua. The Aqua cages and straws are fully dipped to gain their soft blue hue, and this kit features Silca’s 2nd generation Sicuro ti cages. The updated cages weigh 30g and their mounting slots provide 21mm of adjustment.

Silca Aqua ti bottle cage

Each kit includes two Sicuro bottle cages and two straws. The Sicuro ti cages are hand-made and laser welded in the USA using aerospace-grade titanium, and they’re covered under warranty for 25 years. The ti straws are both 8.5” long, and you get one straight straw and one with a bend. The straws are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Silca ti straws, Bourbon Double Oak
*Images c. Silca

If you’re concerned that making titanium straws seems like a frivolous and wasteful pursuit, don’t worry; Silca makes the straws with leftover materials from bottle cage production.

The Bourbon Double Oak and Aqua ti bottle cage and straw kits sell for $185, and are available now through Silca’s website.  Please note the limited edition kits are made-to-order so customers should expect some lead time after purchasing. Mounting bolts are not included with the kits.

Dynaplug Artist Series Co2 canisters and plugs:

Dynaplug Artist Series Co2 cartridgesIf you’ve ever looked at a Co2 cartridge and felt it was depressingly boring, Dynaplug has heard your call! To an artistic mind, anything can become a canvas, so the folks at Dynaplug teamed up with California’s Squid Bikes to add a little fun to your tubeless repair kit. Dynaplug has adopted the Meerkat as its ‘spirit animal’, and this crafty little creature is featured on the Artist Series Co2 canisters, along with Squid Bikes’ unique typeface.

The Meerkat Magic canisters are 16g and are compatible with Dynaplug’s AirTool and all other inflators using a standard 3/8” thread.  They are sold in packs of six for $17.99 and are now available online.

Dynaplug Artist Series spare plug package
*Images c. Dynaplug

Dynaplug’s plug packs have also been adorned with new graphics by California cyclist/artist NotChas. The artwork also serves as an instruction manual, as Dynaplug’s tools are very simple to use and explain.

The plugs are made from viscoelastic rubber cords with non-abrasive brass tips. A proper plug job can last the life of your tire, and the plugs don’t even require a sealant to close up a puncture. Due to their unique design, these plugs are only compatible with Dynaplug’s Air, Racer, Megapill, Megaplugger, and Micro Pro/Pill tools.

Spare plug packs include five plugs and retail for $11.99. Buyers can choose between Soft Nose tip, Pointed Tip, Bullet Tip, or Soft Nose for Road Tip plugs.

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