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Singular Cycles Focus on 29ers, The Ride

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British-based Singular Cycles has been making quite a splash with their gorgeous lineup of 29ers, combining style and function into one complete package. Singular’s commitment is to quality rides and beautiful bicycles for the joy of riding, and it can be seen on every inch of their frames. In fact, the company is so dedicated and focused on the pursuit of the perfect ride, they warn on their website that “if your riding involves full-face helmets and body armour, maybe you’re better off looking elsewhere.”

In committing to the pursuit of the perfect ride, Singular has also committed to the 29er, arguing that “anyone over about 5’7” (170cm) will generally feel much more proportionate and balanced on a 29” wheeled bike.”

At the forefront of their pursuit for perfection is their titanium 29er model, the Pegasus; an all titanium beauty handcrafted in Italy, pictured above. The Pegasus’ geometry is based on their tried and true Swift model, the original steel 29er design at the core of the company. So exclusive, the Pegasus is not a stock item and is only manufactured in limited runs when orders are placed. The Pegasus frame will set you back £1500 with a £500 deposit payable upon ordering.

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The unique Singular Gryphon 29er.

Their sentiment for 29ers continues throughout their lineup into the Gryphon, a unique take on the 29er. Billed as “a 29 inch wheeled mountain bike for use with drop bars and a rigid fork only,” the Gryphon is designed simply for comfortable, versatile riding. The use of drop bars off road has been looming in the background of the cycling world for several years but has yet to catch on. Singular is clearly a strong believer in the setup, saying drops offer more comfortable hand positions and can give you a more secure handle on the bars. While hands can slip and slide off the front of straight bars or risers, having their hands in drops in rough terrain gives the rider a much better grip on the bars. MSRP for the frame is £420.

The  Hummingbird is designed for smaller riders, but can accomodate a 29" front wheel.
The Hummingbird is designed for smaller riders, but can accomodate a 29" front wheel.

Still not enough innovation for you? Singular also offers the Hummingbird, a 26” mountain bike which is still based on their acclaimed Swift 29er, but is designed for smaller riders who may not be comfortable on 29” wheels. The twist? Singular includes a 29” wheel-compatible front fork with the Hummingbird, which would allow for a 26” rear wheel and interchangable 26” and 29” front wheel/fork combos. For a Hummingbird frame only, Singular has an MSRP of £420 shipped in the UK.

Further focusing on handling and ride quality, Singular emphasizes the attention to each frame’s trail, an important measurement that plays a large part in how the bike handles. The trail measures the distance between the center of where the front tire makes contact with the ground and where a direct extension of the head tube would land. This is partially determined by the rake of the fork, which determines how far forward the front axle sits. The more rake, the less trail. Larger trails mean a slower response, but trails that are too short create a twitchy, unstable ride. Singular thinks they have struck the perfect balance with their frame and fork combos, and says the frames maintain a great trail even with the variation of suspension forks.

In true Singular fashion, the Peregrine can accept 29" wheels for off road use along with 700c wheels for cruising on pavement.

Rounding out Singular’s line up is the Peregrine, a more traditional  single speed road/cross inspired bike, which is designed as a well-rounded frame, capable of everything from touring to off-roading. The frame has enough clearance for both traditional 700c wheels with wide tires and, sure enough, can accept 29″ wheels with up to a 2″ tire. £540 MSRP for frameset only.

All framesets can be ordered online directly from Singular and prices include shipping in the UK, but the company is willing to ship internationally. Complete bikes are not available online, but can be purchased through their local dealers. Singular has only one dealer in the U.S.A; The Prairie Peddler in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

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14 years ago

Nice to see Singular getting some coverage, I’ve got a Peregrine which is a sweet ride and I’m trying to talk myself out of a Swift

14 years ago

…………nice work………Still… Paragon drop-outs… Give them a call… Put the frames on a diet.

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