Realistically, many full coverage fenders don’t do much for the look of a bike. Without shelling out for the pricier models, many times the best you can hope for is that they’ll blend in to the rest of the black parts on the bike. The newest fenders from SKS are out to do something about that. Inspired by the word Stingray and the colorful bikes and cars that come to mind, SKS is expanding their Bluemels range with four new colorful options…

Offered in Lime Green, Grey, Ocean Blue, and Blazing Red, the Stingray fenders all blend vibrant colors with a matte finish. The inner fender well is a solid color that matches the accent stripes on the outside. Additionally, the V-stays and hardware are all given the matte black treatment to bring the look home. Designed to fit 700 x 28-38c tires, the front fender measures 68cm long while the rear is the full 118.5cm. Made in Germany and sold as a limited edition, each set will go for $35.

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