The upcoming Ryder Slug Plug is the most affordable tubeless tire repair kit on the market, coming in at just $10 for a complete pre-loaded kit that includes a refill pack. The body is a tough plastic and encapsulates the stainless steel tool tip so it won’t poke you or your gear while riding, and it’s designed to make plugging a tire puncture quick, easy and safe, too.

Ryder Slug Plug low-cost, tubeless tire repair kit

Ryders Slug Plug fixes mountain bike tire punctures quickly and easily with a complete kit for ten dollars

The kit comes with one tool (shown here twice, once closed up and once open and ready for action), and a refill kit with a five pack of both thin or thick “slugs” to close different sized holes. So, you get 10 slugs per kit, which makes this an even better deal. The slugs are stored in the included envelope to keep them clean, and you can preload one into the tool and keep it safe with the cap in place.

slug plug mountain bike tire repair kit is the most affordable tire repair kit

Two features make the Slug Plug easier to use correctly. First, when folded into place, the slugs are longer than the needle so there’s always going to be a little extra sitting above the handle’s tip. And there are two grooves on either side to let the plug nest into place.

Second, the handle bottoms out on the tire before you can push the slugs all the way in, so there’s little chance you’ll push it all the way through and have to use another slug.

slug plug mountain bike tire repair kit is the most affordable tire repair kit

One last little feature is the built-in tire valve core remover at the end of the handle, making it easy to add a little more sealant when needed. The Slug Plug starts shipping later this year with a retail of $10 with a lifetime guarantee. Additional refill kits will be sold, too.


  1. Matt on

    Tire plugs have been around for decades and I’ve been using them on tubeless for years. You can get the same kit at the local auto parts place for $3 including the tool. Refills might be $2. Nothing like reinventing for the bike world and jacking up the price.

  2. Some dude on

    after seeing this in person at interbike I can say it seems like a good add ton item to new bike purchases and new tubeless setups. My only concern with the tool is the needle has a very wide sorta of spade head that is much bigger than both size plugs. There was no demo at the booth to actuy try it so I have no idea how well it actualy works versus something like the genuine innovations plug kit which IMO is a bench mark for all plug kits

  3. Patrick on

    Safety cap (I have poked myself on the GI kit), decent amount of plugs, built in valve core remover, and bottom-out that matches the plug length. For the price, this is certainly a well thought out version of a common product. Not bad!

    • fm106 on

      I’ve been happy with the Genuine Innovations version – I’ve used them successfully on Clement CX tubulars. Valve tool, case, and pre-load are all nice details.

      • Patrick on

        I’m with ya. If I lose the GI version, I would be tempted to pick this up. Or even just grab it anyways if I see it in person. I have 3 or 4 different flat/tool kits and the GI tubeless kit is about the only thing that gets moved between bags.

  4. FFM on

    The video cleverly shows the valve core tool being used on a valve sans wheel. Looks super useful without a bunch of pesky spokes in the way. Maybe the production units will have the tool right at the end so you can actually use it?


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