In addition to yesterday’s big tease, Smith were showing two new models from their Performance sunglass line.  Joining the excellent Pivlock V2 are the new half-frame Approach / Approch max and the full-frame Pivlock Overdrive.

SONY DSCThe Pivlock Overdrive is the company’s new trail flagship.  Combining the easy lens exchange of the Pivlock with a full-frame design required a re-think of the mechanism- and resulted in the slick setup shown above.  Like the Pivlock V2, the Overdrive has a 2-position nosepiece and comes with Smith’s usual three sets of lenses.  The new model’s temples have also been reworked and shortened in order to play better with helmet retention systems on smaller riders’ heads.  Because of the glasses’ complexity, the Pivlock Overdrives will come in around $240.

SONY DSCIn a refresh of the classic style, the Approach and larger Approach Max are half-frame glasses that work well in both cycling and casual settings.  The 2-position nosepieces make another appearance here, fitting a wide range of faces and allowing for more ventilation on the dirt or a closer fit on the road.  The usual three lenses are included for $160- as is Smith’s excellent warranty support.

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8 years ago

It’s becoming hard to become original in the eyewear industry. I don’t see why anyone would take these over Oakley Radar/Radarlocks or Rudy’s with more inspiring aesthetics, or cheaper Tifosi’s. As a daily V90 wearer I love the Pivlock mechanism, but applying the concept here just sounds like “reaching” to expand the lineup.

Was hoping Smith would make a half-rim, shield lens pair, which would essentially be the V90/V2 with an actual interface to prevent eyebrows from smudging the lenses and helping with ventilation. Technically the Approach is accomplishing this, but I think it would’ve been better to still have a single lens setup. Could’ve looked cooler too.

8 years ago

Totally disagree.. Single lens is ridiculous looking and unnecessary, unless you’re a road biker. Road bikers already look ridiculous and the single lens probably helps them see oncoming slurpee’s being thrown at them.

As a mountain biker I welcome these new designs but would have liked to of seen air vents in the lens. But maybe they breathe just fine.. I’m definitely going to check them out.