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Sneak Peak: New Ti-Nitride, Teflon Impregnated Stanchions on Marzocchi’s 888 Evo Ti

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Dem gold diggaz gonna be all up in yo’ bidness when you roll to the gate on these gold stems…

Marzocchi’s leaked out a few photos of their new Nickel-Coated, Ti-Nitride, Teflon impregnated alloy stanchions for the 888 Evo Ti downhill fork.

Haters love to point out that others have done Ti-Nitride coatings before, but past iterations have been on steel sliders. Marzocchi’s latest bling takes their Nickel coated alloy tubes. They’re then polished and Ti Nitride coated and Teflon impregnated to make them as smooth as possible.

No word on availability or cost yet. UPDATE: These are going to be offered as upgrade parts soon. More photos are yours for the taking right after the break…

So what’s the deal with this prototype? Here’s what Marzocchi had to say:

Actually there is only one of these in the world and it is still in our office. It is a full Works fork that we have custom tuned for Bryson Martin Jr. It has polished bushings, tuned shim stack and oil level as well as the teflon additive and specially blended seal grease.


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