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SOC14: More than Meets The Eye With New Topeak Transformer XX Pump

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Topeak Transformer XX Joe Blow Ace (2) Topeak Transformer XX Joe Blow Ace (3)

When you’re headed off to a race or an event, there is usually a lot to carry. Spares, food, clothes, tools – the list goes on and on depending on the situation. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine your pump and a repair stand in one compact, easy to carry package? If your answer is yes, you’ll want to check out the new Transformer XX pump/stand from Topeak. By day the whole unit functions just like your normal easy to use Topeak floor pump, but by night the stand separates from the pump providing a support for working on your bike.

Details next…

Topeak Transformer XX Joe Blow Ace (6)

Topeak Transformer XX Joe Blow Ace (1)

When it comes to the pump, it is a 160 psi capable body with a gauge built into the handle. Like Topeak’s other high end pumps, the Transformer XX uses a smart head that adapts to presta or schraeder valves with the flick of a switch. The orange button lets you bleed off any excess air in the tire. We joked about Topeak making it so their customers would only ever buy a single pump since spare parts are so easy to come by, but that’s definitely a benefit. I’ve had to replace the sealing grommets in the pump heads, but my nearly 10 year old Joe Blow sport and Joe Blow Pro pumps are still going strong after a lot of abuse.

Topeak Transformer XX Joe Blow Ace (5) Topeak Transformer XX Joe Blow Ace (4)

In order to make sure the stand fits a wide range of bikes, the supports are easily adjustable. Just unlock each quick release, move to the desired position and relock. There are a number of ways we could see this being used, but probably the most likely would be one support on the chainstay and one on the seatstay, lifting the rear wheel off the ground so you can make most adjustments. It likely won’t replace a repair stand for big jobs, but for adjustments in the field it could be quite useful.

Available at the end of the mont, Transformer XX pumps will retail for $149.

Topeak Transformer XX Joe Blow Ace (9)

The Transformer XX joins the Topeak family of pumps including their 3 stage Joe Blow Ace. There are a few dual stage pumps on the market, but very few 3 stage. Why would you want a three stage pump? Stage one pushes a lot of air with Topeak claiming it can seat most tubeless mountain tires and pumps to 60 psi (seems like it would also be good for fat bikes). Stage two bumps it up to pressures typically seen in road bikesto 120 psi, while stage 3 pushes into Track bike levels up to 260 psi.

Topeak Transformer XX Joe Blow Ace (8)

Stages are selectable through the dial at the top of the handle.

Topeak Transformer XX Joe Blow Ace (7)

Built in to the cast aluminum base of the pump is a 260 psi gauge and rubber coated feet. As their top of the line floor pump, the Ace retails for $149.


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10 years ago

If I somehow ever need to replace my Joe Blow Sport 2, i’ll probably get one of these.

10 years ago

End of the mont?

10 years ago

Awesome idea! The price is definitely a deal breaker for me. I’m still doing fine with my $8 grocery store bought bell pump and $15 Performance bike stand. For the convenience I would probably pay half of their asking MSRP but that is just me and I would rather spend my money on actual bike parts.

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