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The fat bike market seems to be heating up just as quickly as the summer weather, which turns out to be good news for consumers. On one hand, technology is improving and the bikes are getting better all the time. On the other, increased competition is making it more important than ever to have at least one bike in the line up that is considered “affordable.”

We know that a $3k fat bike may be a stretch to call it affordable, but the impressively equipped Echo GX is a relative bargain when compared to its much more expensive siblings…

Borealis echo GX (6)

Named for the new SRAM GX 1x group that it’s built with, the addition of a lower priced drivetrain is what really helped get the price down. Even though this is considered their “budget” build, the Echo GX still has an impressive build which results in a 28.5lb build all for $2,999. Using the same Echo frame that we fell in love with, the GX is built with their new Echo rigid carbon fork with Bluto compatible 150mm spacing.

Borealis echo GX (7)

Borealis echo GX (4) Borealis echo GX (5)

Along with the GX drivetrain, the Echo GX receives SRAM DB5 brakes, a RaceFace cockpit, and fat bike crank with narrow-wide ring, Turnagain wheels with their FR80 tubeless compatible rims and thru axle hubs, Ergon saddle, and 45NRTH Husker Du 3.8″ tires. Available in S-XL complete for $2,999.

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Denver Fatty
Denver Fatty
7 years ago

Borealis needs to up their game if their idea of a new model is putting cheaper components on the old model and calling it new. They used to be game changing, but will they survive moving forward with this thinking?

Fat Boy
Fat Boy
7 years ago

nice. but the Salted Bikes Sandfly (!sandfly-complete/c225e) with SRAM X01 is $3995 (Australian). I believe that works out to US$3145.

The same build with a Bluto works out at US$3345

And both are with X01 and Guide RS brakes. Not to mention Dice Ollie tubeless wheels.

7 years ago

Still a overpriced POS.