SOC15: Project321 lets you add Lefty Supermax to more bikes (with Plus-sized tires!), shows new colors

Project321, which is known almost as much for their unofficial anodization of third party components like Thomson stems and Cannondale’s lightweight cranks, has added a new teal color to their own product lineup. Adding to the places you can put that new color, they’re working on Boost 148 rear and 110mm front hubs. Those will come soon.

They’ve also added a couple new Lefty fork steerer adapters that’ll let you use the long travel Lefty Supermax to non-Cannondale frames…

The Lefty adapter is actually the product that launched the company. Then came the Lefty hub and now they’ve got a full line of hubs. On the bottom is the Lefty Supermax steerer tube with adapters to fit a straight 1-1/8″ headtube. Not sure how many straight steerer frames out there could handle the abuse a long travel Lefty fork can dish out, but now you can try!

On the top is the offset adapter to let you run a plus-sized tire on a standard Lefty. It pushes the fork out about 1/8″ further away from the steerer…

…and then on this bike, they dished the wheel about 0.25 inches away from the disc brake side.

Probably not headed for retail sale are these Lefty hub bar taps.

But you can send in your Thomson cockpit piece or C’dale cranks to be colored! UPDATE: Sadly, we were mistaken…they can’t take your parts and color them, but they do like to decorate their own bikes with them!

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7 years ago

Time to add a bar in the shop so we can have those tap heads!

7 years ago

I thought Project321 did not accept items to be anodized. Is this new?

7 years ago

Yeah I’m interested on this anodizing service, conditions and pricing please!

7 years ago

Brightly coloured anodized bike parts – what year is it?! 😉

7 years ago

Hey All, Josh is right. Unfortunately, we do not accept outside parts for anodization.