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Seeing the potential for increased sales in the U.S., Bulls Bikes is ramping up their e-bike fleet with new models like the Sturmvogel E Evo. But, in contrast to their non-electric bikes, the Bulls e-bikes will be through authorized retailers. That doesn’t mean higher pricing, after all, Bull’s direct-to-consumer pricing for their standard bikes is part of what makes them compelling. Fortunately, this one’s still able to bring high end e-bike features at a competitive price. That might mean we’ll see more e-bikes rolling the streets in the near future…

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The new Sturmvogel E Evo utilizes a Brose 250w motor with a removable battery. While Brose isn’t yet a well known name here in the U.S., much of the technology inside the Specialized Turbo Levo FSR 6 Fattie included hardware from Brose, and Rotwild uses it, too. For Bulls, that’s a good thing since the Specialized was one of the quietest e-bikes we’ve ridden. Obviously, there are quite a few differences in how Bulls has chosen to integrate the technology into the Sturmvogel which is completely different kind of bike. Meant more for cruising around town, the 26″ wheeled hybrid/cruiser channels the extra oomph through a Shimano Alfine 8 speed internal gear hub with a chain drive.

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The Sturmvogel has an on/off switch located on the down tube by the 650Wh removable battery, while a remote and central display help manage the electric modes. Charging is said to take 5 hrs for a complete charge, and the bike has 3 power modes with Eco, Tour, and Sport. They also control the integrated lights with front and rear LEDs that run off the main battery. Built with an aluminum frame in four sizes (41, 46, 51, and 56cm), the bike is claimed to weigh 23.9kg(52.69lbs). Pricing in the U.S. will be around $3,500.

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Bulls will also be bringing in a few of their e-MTBs including the E-Stream Evo mountain bikes, and Monster fat bike with varying builds and prices.


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5 years ago

Mopeds are great for commuting.

5 years ago

I wonder if Vespa and so forth will get into this market?

5 years ago