SOC16: Evoc teases new Hip Pack Race fanny pack

Evoc hip pack enduro fanny waist hydration IMG_3914

Depending on who you talk to, fanny hip packs are either a great way to get the pack off your back, or a total fashion faux pas. We tend to think that they have their place, especially when they are well designed. Your back ends up less sweaty, the weight is down low, and depending on the model, they can carry quite a bit of water and gear.

We got a sneak peek at the new evoc Hip Pack Race that will be debuting this fall, and if you’re a fan of the hip pack, you’ll definitely want the new model from evoc…

Evoc hip pack enduro fanny waist hydration IMG_3915

Evoc hip pack enduro fanny waist hydration IMG_3918 Evoc hip pack enduro fanny waist hydration IMG_3916

Taking advantage of their connected zipper system, the front of the pack opens with a single pull – something that should come in handy in a race situation. The front flap opens to reveal a tool storage area so you can quickly access repair essentials without digging through the whole pack. Inside the main compartment is a decent amount of storage along with a custom 1.5 liter Hydrapak bladder. Fitted with a quick disconnect hose and a slide lock opening, the hose exits the pack and snaps to the waist belt with a magnetic dock. The dock can also be attached to your jersey to have the hose up higher if you prefer.

Evoc hip pack enduro fanny waist hydration IMG_3919

The wing pockets keep nutrition or anything else close at hand and the bag is fitted with a single bottle sleeve with a cinch strap which can be used to stash jackets, phones, or anything large.

Evoc hip pack enduro fanny waist hydration IMG_3917

evoc also includes their aerated back panel with foam panels to keep you as dry and comfortable as possible. Pricing is TBD and the packs will make their official debut around Eurobike/Interbike.

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6 years ago

You know, putting the weight down on the hips makes a huge amount of sense and is far more comfy than a pack.

6 years ago


Considering you can get away with attaching stuff to the bike and your body if you don’t like packs or are doing short rides, I don’t see fanny packs becoming trendy. I kind of hope I eat my words though because I’m tired of being nice to riders on the trail with no pack and not enough stuff on their bike and body. I don’t wear a pack for philanthropy, but lately it seems that’s what it’s for.

6 years ago

I ride Specialized with the SWAT down tube storage; you won’t believe how much stuff I can fit down there. I use an Mountainsmith fanny pack. Water bottle on the bike, and two Platypus bladders stuffed into the pack. Other than all day backcountry rides, I’ve enough supplies and tools to get me through.