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SOC16: Lazer Revolution sees ASTM Certification with removable chin bar, available soon

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Lazer Revolution full face astm removable chin bar(15)

For a lot of riders, the concept of a convertible helmet is very appealing. All of a sudden you’re no longer packing two helmets for that upcoming trip – just a single helmet that doubles as both a trail/enduro lid as well as a full face. However, manufacturers have to make a choice. Do you make the helmet light and easy to convert but risk not being able to pass the downhill ASTM testing? Or do you build it stronger, and probably heavier to make sure it passes? Lazer has figured out a way to do both, but based on how long it has taken to get to market, it hasn’t been easy…

Lazer Revolution full face astm removable chin bar(12)

Lazer Revolution full face astm removable chin bar(14) Lazer Revolution full face astm removable chin bar(13)

If you’re not familiar with Lazer’s history, the Belgian helmet maker has been around since 1919. The brand is big in the motocross world and has one of the lightest motocross helmets available with the 1050g MX8. That should make it not that surprising that the Lazer Revolution should be one of, if not the lightest convertible, downhill certified mountain bike helmets available at 620g for a medium. That’s with the bolt on chin bar installed. Yes, the chin bar bolts on with 6 screws – not exactly quick release, but necessary for them to achieve the ASTM rating at such a light weight. They felt that most riders weren’t changing the chin bar mid ride, but selecting it before they go out for the day so it wouldn’t be a huge deal. The chin bar was still missing some padding at Sea Otter, but it is very close to complete with a channel molded into the front to grab onto the tube of a hydration pack.

One interesting hang up Lazer has run into has to do with the UCI and the ASTM rating. In order to compete in a UCI DH event you must have an ASTM rated helmet that also has an ASTM sticker. Lazer will be selling the chin bar to add to existing Revolution helmets as well as Revolution full faces that ship with the chin bar. Due to helmet regulations, only the helmets that are sold with the chin bar in the box are allowed to have the sticker. There is no difference between the two helmets, but only one will be race legal per the UCI’s rules. So keep that in mind if you are planning to buy one of these for a race that requires ASTM rated helmets.

Lazer Revolution full face astm removable chin bar(16)

Helmets will be available in both MIPS and non MIPS versions and will include two different length visors plus Lazer will have 4 different fluorescent visors and mouth guard pieces available so you can customize the look. Cheek pads will also be available in different sizes to dial in the fit.

Lazer Revolution full face astm removable chin bar(9)

Revolution helmets will also include a mounting plate on the top of the helmet for lights or cameras called the SMS or Safety Mounting System. We’ve heard a lot of different opinions on mounting accessories to the top of your helmet and how it affects the rider’s safety in a crash. According to Lazer, this is the only helmet that has been tested and certified with a camera attached. The SMS plate distributes the load in a crash so the camera doesn’t just punch through the helmet and will allow the camera to pop out of the mount safely. I don’t want to be the one that has to test the validity of that claim, but it sounds like a good addition to the helmet.

Lazer Revolution full face astm removable chin bar(10)

The only color not shown above is a matte red/black helmet, and all helmets should be available with the chin bar by August, but the Revolution helmets without chin bars are available now.


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8 years ago

if the price is right, I like it.

8 years ago

SWEET! Except that it looks stupid with the chinbar OFF. So you’ll end up ALWAYS wearing it with the chinbar installed. So may as well just have bought a full face! 🙂

8 years ago

Funny how the bike industry is remarketing stuff from 10+ years ago. We can add convertible full faces to wide rims, and plus size tires.

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