SOC18: Boyd Cycling 36RD tubeless, tubular disc brake wheels for road, cyclocross & gravel

Boyd Cycling has long been a fan of the wider road tire, and their latest creation makes plenty of room for anything from a 25mm to a 32mm tire. But the real treat with these is the molding technology introduced, allowing them to use the same aero profile and lower mold to create three distinct wheels: A standard clincher for tube-type tires, a hookless bead for tubeless tires, and a cyclocross-specific tubular that’s optimized for 32-33mm CX tires. By using a shared base mold, Boyd simply created three unique tire bed molds to make the three different options, a design that can only be done now that they don’t have to worry about reinforcing for a rim brake track.

boyd cycling pinnacle CX tubular cyclocross wheels

The 36RD series name refers to the rim depth, a middle ground that should offer plenty of compliance…something that’ll be much appreciated when used for rough roads, gravel back roads and cyclocross courses. The wider shape, and carbon’s inherent ability to be made stiff, should provide good lateral stiffness.

boyd cycling pinnacle cx carbon tubular cyclocross wheels

The 36RD Pinnacle Tubular shapes the tire’s bed to create a perfectly rounded 32mm tire, and provides plenty of seat for maximum gluing surface. Claimed weight is 1,475g and retail is $1,500 for the pair. These and the others are all handbuilt in South Carolina at their headquarters using Sapim CX Ray spokes, brass nipples and 2x lacing on both sides, both wheels.

All three rim versions use a asymmetric design with spokes off center by 2.8mm.

The Pinnacle Hookless set takes full advantage of the wider rims and gets a 23.4mm internal width. It’s designed for lower pressure tubeless setups, like those used for cyclocross and gravel, but will work with wider road tires (700×28 or greater), too. Founder Boyd Johnson says they’ve tested it on machines up to 110psi, but that it’s really meant for 28mm tires running up to 75psi, because that’s really all you need with tires that wide. If you want to go higher or use narrower tires, or non-tubeless ready tires, they recommend using the clinchers below. Claimed weight for these hookless wheels is 1,560g and price is $1,650 per pair.

The 36 Road Disc clincher has the same outside width, but the bead hooks bring the internal width to a still welcome 22mm. This is the choice for higher pressure road bike tire setups, but still works for tubeless. Claimed weight is 1,580g and price is $1,650.

All weights and prices are with their Quest Centerlock disc brake hubs, which have easy axle conversions and freehub body changes between SRAM XD and Shimano 10/11. Available now.

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Kernel Flickitov
Kernel Flickitov
4 years ago

Hey Boyd, I’d like to hear your opinion on why more wheel companies don’t do offset drilling.

4 years ago

If the interface between the rim and tire is so important to good airflow why not have a strip on plastic stuck on the rim that overlaps the gap to touch the tire? (assuming tire is wider then rim at that point) Can be cheap plastic(think the stiff clear stuff packaging is made from) and cheap glue on a disc brake bike as the rim doesn’t get hot.

4 years ago
Reply to  Eli

Mavic did exactly this a few years ago on their 60mm deep rims(?) and the UCI wouldn’t allow it to be used in races because it was considered a fairing which per UCI rules is not legal.