Traveling with your bike is not often fun or easy. But having the right travel case or bag can make a big difference. Adding to the list of current options is the new Elite Borson – a bag designed with pro tour road teams to make transporting your bike easier and a bit safer for the bike.

Meaning ‘Big Bag’ in Venetian, the Borson is indeed quite large. Big enough to the two included dual wheel bags plus a frame, the bag will fit both mountain and road bikes and is shown here with a 27.5+ bike from Scott. Road bikes have the advantage though, since the grey panels on the side of the bag are designed to stretch around your average drop bar allowing you to keep the handlebars and stem in place without any adjustments. Wider mountain bike bars will have to be removed though.

Inside you’ll find an aluminum mounting cradle that will work with both thru axle and quick release frames and forks. Essentially, you unthread the silver “hub” spacers until it fits your bike, then put your axle through like normal. The cradle adjusts to fit most standard bikes.

Each wheel bag has room for one wheelset giving you a few options once you reach your destination. The bag also includes plastic clam shell guards for the rotors and cassette which velcro in place.

On the outside of the bag there are four wheels with two large diameter rollers, and two smaller casters for easy maneuvering through the airport. When not in use, the bag collapses down to the size of the lower tray for storage.

The three panels open wide for easy installation of the bike on the tray inside, then zip together with a flap keeping all three zippers in place. The bag has a claimed weight of 12kg (26.45lbs) with all of the accessories, which depending on the airline carrier should make it fairly easy to make weight with road bikes, and still possible with many mountain bikes.

Pricing is set at $799, and it will be available soon.

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