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Specialized go Full Turbo with new Turbo Como, Tero & Vado eBikes, plus Mode Helmet

2022 specialized turbo como ebike commuterc. Specialized
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Specialized have overhauled their line-up of Full Turbo eBikes for 2022, introducing the new Turbo Como, Turbo Vado and Turbo Tero. Brimming with new smart technology, these comfort commuters and all-terrain eBikes are able to improve as they age, thanks to their new ability to receive over-the-air updates via an App on the owner’s smart phone. The top-end 5.0 models of each bike pair a 710Wh battery with the newly refined Specialized Full Power 2.2 Motor to deliver a range of up to 90 miles of smooth and silent power-assisted pedaling. Here’s everything you need to know.

2022 Specialized Turbo Como, Vado & Tero eBikes

2022 specialized turbo vado

For 2022, Specialized bring three new Turbo eBikes to market. The Turbo Vado is what Specialized describe as their “vehicle for life”. This one is something of a comfort commuter, designed to get the rider from A to B as swiftly, safely and smoothly as possible.

To measure that “smoothness”, Specialized actually used a custom test mechanism previously used on their XC race bikes. The data pushed them to spec larger volume tires, an updated suspension fork and a suspended seat post, all of which work together to isolate road vibrations from the rider, giving them the most comfortable journey possible. Why go to all that trouble? Because less vibration equals reduced rider fatigue, and more comfort, obviously. You can read more about the science behind that here

2022 specialized turbo como ebike commuter

Next up is the Turbo Como with the ultra-low step-thru frame designed for more versatility and to accommodate a wider range of abilities; Specialized actually claim it’s the lowest step-thru frame on the market. This one gets more upright seated position, giving the rider a “heads-up” riding position, taking pressure off the hands. The step-thru frame is said to be more manageable for riders who want to load the bike up, whether that’s with groceries or a child. This one also gets a “walk mode”, technology carried over from the line of Specialized eMTBs. 

specialized full power 2.2 ebike motor
The refined Specialized Full Power 2.2 eBike motor has a maximum torque of 90Nm and maximum power output of 560 Watts

Finally, the Turbo Tero is Specialized hardtail eMTB. This one’s pretty versatile too, designed for working out and exploring the countryside. It’s also pitched as a bit of a sub urban commuter too, for those whose commutes involve gravel roads and bits of natural singletrack, in addition to the asphalt. 

What’s the actual usability of these eBikes?

2022 specialized turbo como ebike red

With eBikes set to become the most popular form of electric transport over the coming years, Specialized have sweated over every detail, investing in technology to breakdown the technical barriers to uptake. There are many practical considerations to be made if you’re seriously considering swapping your car for an eBike to do your daily journeys like commuting to work, grocery shopping, dropping the kids at nursery… the list goes on. For the new Turbo Como, Turbo Vado and Turbo Tero, Specialized have considered them all. 

Safety, bike security, and carrying stuff are some of the top priorities. 

garmin radar specialized ebike commuter
A Garmin Radar is affixed to the rear of the 27kg capacity rack on the ultra-low step-thru Specialized Turbo Como

The top-end 5.0 models of the new Specialized Turbo eBikes get a Garmin Radar. This device sits on the back of the bike, rearward facing, and alerts the rider to vehicles approaching from behind. These can be retrofitted to any bike, of course, but Specialized have gone the extra mile, integrating the Garmin Radar into the bikes’ Mastermind control and display unit. The display will actually show the rider how many cars are approaching from behind, as well as the relative distances between them in real-time. You can even set up haptic feedback for this; the handlebar grips will vibrate when a car approaches from behind, so you don’t ever have to divert your eyes away from the road.

Specialized mastermind control unit display
The Specialized Mastermind Control Unit can display your regular ride stats such as speed, distance, battery use, etc., but is also home to on-ride diagnostics and pedal pace coaching functions. Specialized tell us that 70-80 rpm is the most efficient cadence for their motor and battery pairing – the Mastermind display unit will give the rider a green light when they are pedaling within this cadence range to let them know how efficiently they are pedaling.

Theft is another major consideration. These eBikes aren’t cheap, with pricing starting at $3,250 USD for the lowest spec 3.0 models. The Specialized Mastermind Control unit can lock the bike’s motor, unlockable via the Mission Control App on the rider’s smart phone. This doesn’t render the bike immovable (it doesn’t lock the drivetrain) but it does prevent the motor being used. The technology isn’t designed to replace an actual physical lock, but it is a theft deterrent nevertheless, especially if you set up the motion sensor alarm which will wail loudly as the thief makes their escape. 

2022 specialized turbo como ebike trailer child seat compatible
The 2022 Specialized Turbo eBikes are child seat and trailer compatible

How about carrying stuff? The rear rack has a very healthy weight capacity of 27kg. That means it can accommodate a child seat and child, or heaps of groceries. Specialized actually designed it in conjunction with brand MIK-Click, so it works seamlessly with their range of child seats and accessories. Alternatively, Specialized are also offering their purpose built Tailwind pannier bags, built with aerodynamics in mind to reduce battery consumption.

specialized tailwind pannier bags

Specialized are offering the Turbo Como and Vado eBikes in three distinct builds; the 3.0, 4.0 and top-end 5.0, each with traditional derailleur gearing and Internal Gear Hub options. The Tero hardtail eMTB is available with a regular drivetrain only.

specialized turbo ebikes enviolo automatiq internal gear hub

The Internal Gear Hub options will set you back an extra $500 USD, but offer massively improved long term durability with the added benefit that they are effectively maintenance free. That said, they do tend to have a smaller gear range than traditional derailleur group sets, so if your journeys have a wide variety of gradients, including some very steep hills, you might want to opt for the cheaper drivetrain option.

Specialized Mode Helmet

specialized mode helemt urban commuter

In conjunction with the launch of the 2022 Specialized Turbo eBikes, the brand are releasing the new Mode Helmet, designed with an urban appropriate aesthetic. At first glance, it looks as though it lacks any sort of ventilation but if you look more closely, you’ll see a ridge right the way around the helmet, under which there’s a heap of internal venting to keep the rider’s head cool. 

specialized turbo ebike launch

The design isn’t all about urban aesthetics. The Specialized Mode helmet also gets MIPS rotational impact protection technology, designed to prevent concussion injuries arising from rotational impact. It generally makes helmets around 10% safer than those without MIPS.

Pricing & Availability

The starting price for the 2022 Specialized Turbo Como, Tero and Vado eBikes is $3,250 USD (for the 3.0 model with a traditional drivetrain). An extra $500 USD gets you the low maintenance option with an Internal Gear Hub from Enviolo. Pricing tops out at $5,500 USD for the all-singing all-dancing 5.0 models with the IGH.

The Turbo Vado and Turbo Tero eBikes launch today with stock available globally. The Turbo Como won’t be available until Fall, but you should be able to to pre-order one from today.


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raul D.
raul D.
2 years ago

Specialized can do this but they can’t deliver Tarmac SL7s or Allez Sprint Discs.

2 years ago

Yeah! It’s almost like commuter e-bikes and performance road bikes use different parts or something…

Dirt McGirt
Dirt McGirt
2 years ago

Are we not going to mention that these are all Brose motors? There’s nothing special about the motor on these bikes. And it’s for sure not a Specialized motor.

Not to mention it’s one of the least durable mid drives on the market right now.


2 years ago

Love my ebikes!
I personally have a 2016 Levo which I ride summer and winter, and 2020 Como 5.0 and a 2020 Vado 5.0….not a bit of trouble from any with several thousand km’s on each of them. My Shimano motored bike was the same and is still going strong with it’s second owner.

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