The UCI Road World Championships are back on U.S. soil for the first time since 1986 and to celebrate, Specialized is giving away some of their fastest products including a Venge ViAS Pro one day at a time. From September 16th thru the 27th, you can enter daily to win online or by visiting their booth at the race in Richmond, VA.

Speed past the break to see the items they’re giving away each day…

  • Wed, 9/16–Sat 9/19: Venge ViAS Pro
  • Sun, 9/20: S-Works Evade Skinsuit
  • Mon, 9/21: S-Works Evade Skinsuit
  • Tues, 9/22: S-Works Turbo 24c Clincher Tires Set
  • Weds, 9/23: S-Works Turbo 24c Clincher Tires Set
  • Thurs, 9/24: S-Works 6 Shoes
  • Fri, 9/25: S-Works 6 Shoes
  • Sat, 9/26: S-Works Evade Helmet
  • Sun, 9/27: 5 Min Kit — S-Works Venge ViAS, S-Works Evade Helmet, S-Work Evade GC Skinsuit & S-Works 6 Shoes



  1. badbikemechanicx on

    If I won the non stopping venge it would go straight up on ebay. I couldn’t care less about #aero, but I care very very much if my bike doesn’t stop at high speeds.

  2. Trey Richardson on

    @Aesop – Sorry about that. There was a tail end on the link that executed a “pop up” that I didn’t include. Good to go now. – Trey

  3. Ventruck on


    think you need to make a small edit on the dates. You said “From September 19th…” yet prizes are out starting the 16th and we can enter already.

    But yeah, just the single pieces of the apparel are pretty awesome prizes.

  4. boom on

    So, if Specialized is giving this away, then does that mean that their riders are actually going to ride the new Venge? Because so far, that hasn’t exactly been the case…

  5. Gazhopper on

    Celebrating the Road World Champs and only US residents can enter?.. I know you don’t believe me but there’s a whole world outside the US and you just pissed us off..

  6. opher on

    specialized sucks for making it only in the US, I have no problem paying the shiping to my country if I win and if they are celebrating the world champs it’s idiotic that the whole world cant enter it 🙁

  7. Kris Bosmans on

    Im an international top elite paracyclist and finished this year 2x2nd on the UCI WorldCup road race Para-cycling. Ive no support of any company so ive to pay everything our of my own pocket…So if you can support me with even the smallest thing I would be gratefull!! 😉 Thanks in d’avance! Kris Bosmans

  8. Jason Machura on

    Specialized make gear that work right for the rider.
    When its all said and none there is only one name in cycling Specialized


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