Specialized is (re)launching their Globe bicycle line, except this time as an affordable, versatile collection aimed at getting all manner of users out of their cars for life’s little errands.

The original Globe bikes were mostly singlespeed and city speedsters for commuters and hipsters, gracing our pages from 2009 through 2012, before being discontinued. Now, the brand extension is on its way back with pre-orders opening up later this year and delivery starting in early 2023.

Specialized says the line will be sold through independent retailers and leverage “the power of the Specialized ecosystem to provide everyday riders with the widest nationwide network of sales and service opportunities.” Calling them EVs (Electric Vehicles) implies the intended use, and they’ll offer a variety of accessories to make them more capable.

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Vince E.
Vince E.
7 days ago

So Full Force, but for e-bikes?

6 days ago

What are those baskets? Need!

4 days ago

Whole lot of competition out there better focus on price in the opposite way they normally do.