Recently, Specialized went all-in on kids’ bike fit with their investment in Retul. The result was the new Specialized Jett, a kid’s bike that claims to offer an impressive range of adjustability to fit kids over an average of 30 months of growth. Now, Specialized has taken much of what they learned from the Jett project and have used it to create a new line of purpose-built mountain bikes called the Riprock.

Specialized Riprock kids mountain bike

Specialized Riprock 2022 geometry

Meant to be a true first “trail bike”, the Riprock includes many of the features you’ll find on adult bikes—but proportionately sized. That includes what Specialized is calling modern geometry, which for a kid isn’t terribly different. The Head tube angle is a reasonable 68° or slacker 67° with a suspension fork, and seat tube angles are all 74°.

Sizing is based around the wheel size with a 20″ and two 24″ models. That means there are bikes to fit riders between 4-12 years old, and between 42″ and 56″ in height.

Specialized Riprock 130mm saddle

Specialized Riprock 1x drivetrain

More importantly, though, component sizing has been influenced by their Retul findings. As a result, the bikes feature cranks with narrower q-factors, a 130mm Bridge saddle, and smaller diameter grips. All of this is meant to offer better comfort and control.

Riprock Models

Specialized Riprock

Specialized Riprock handlebar

Specialized Riprock rear brake

There are three different Riprock models, starting with the Riprock 20″. Even at the 20″ level, you’ll find hydraulic disc brakes, a wide range 1×9 drivetrain, and quality Ground Control tires.

Specialized Riprock 24"


Specialized Riprock handlebar

Moving up to the Riprock 24″, this bike is very similar to the 20″ spec with the addition of a clutch rear derailleur for the 1×9 drivetrain. Both the 20″ and 24″ models include a rigid mountain bike fork since lower weight is a higher priority for smaller riders that are just starting out. Comparatively, the rigid Riprock 24″ is almost 2lbs lighter than the Riprock Expert 24″.

Specialized Riprock expert 24"

Specialized Riprock handlebar

Specialized Riprock rear brake

More advanced riders who fit the 24″ Riprock may want to check out the Riprock Expert 24″. This one includes the excellent Manitou J-Unit Comp 100mm travel suspension fork which was built from the ground up for kids. This model also features a 1×11 drivetrain with a 42t low gear and a clutch rear derailleur for kids who can shred.

Pricing & Availability

Specialized Riprock kids mountain bikes

As of today, both the rigid Riprock 20 and Riprock 24 will be available for $650 or $700 respectively. The Riprock Expert 24″ is available for pre-order now, with deliveries expected by early December—hopefully in time for the holidays.

Sizing/Availability – The Riprock is designed for kids 5-12 years old and is available in three models:
  • RIPROCK 20: (42″/107cm – 47”/119cm) Available at launch
  • RIPROCK 24: (47”/119cm – 56”/142cm) Available at launch
  • RIPROCK EXPERT 24 w/ Manitou J-Unit Comp 100mm fork: (47”/119cm – 56”/142cm) Available forPre-Order at launch; bikes to deliver early December
Bike Weights:
  • RIPROCK 20″ – 22.5lbs
  • RIPROCK 24″ – 24.7lbs
  • RIPROCK 24″ Expert – 26.4lbs

Bike Pricing:

  • RIPROCK 20: $650 USD
  • RIPROCK 24:  $700 USD
  • RIPROCK EXPERT 24: $1500 USD

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