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Spinergy launches MTX wheelsets for MTB, MTXe wheels for eMTB

Spinergy MTX wheels, action shot
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Foam-filled carbon rims, synthetic fiber spokes and e-bike specific wheel components? Spinergy is rolling out some nifty technology with their new MTX and MTXe mountain bike wheelsets. With varying rim widths, two hub models and two types of spokes these three new wheelsets cover everyone’s needs, from XC racers to trail shredders and eMTB riders.

Spinergy MTX wheels common features:

Spinergy MTXe front wheel

There are a few things the new MTX and MTXe wheels share… All three wheelsets use Spinergy’s proprietary foam core carbon rims. Spinergy says the foam keeps water out of your wheel, provides structural stiffness, and increased impact strength. It also dampens vibrations and deadens sound. All this should translate to better absorption of harsh impacts, improved control and reduced rider fatigue.

Spinergy MTX wheels, front, side

The new wheelsets all feature Spinergy’s PBO fiber spokes. These synthetic fiber spokes are claimed to be three times stronger than steel, yet half the weight. They also help reduce vibrations for improved control and minimized fatigue. The MTXe wheels feature thicker PBO MOTO spokes for added strength.

Spinergy MTX wheels, 44 series MOTO hub
*The 44 series MOTO hub

Spinergy’s new 44 series hubs are on the MTX 24 and 30 wheels, while the MTXe wheelset gets 44 series MOTO hubs. These hubs were built tough with 44mm ratchet rings, new larger axles and CNC machined shells. The hubs promise rapid 108-point engagement, and simplicity with ‘plug and play’ axles and cassette bodies. Using slip-fit end caps, all MTX wheelsets can accommodate either QR, 15mm or 12mm front axles, and QR or 12mm rear axles in varying lengths (see details below). Buyers can choose between Shimano HG, Microspline, SRAM XD/XDR and Campagnolo N3W cassette bodies.

All wheelsets are available in nine different spoke/decal colors, plus the Spinergy Edition (with two blue spokes, as seen in the video and some pics) or even a custom option.


Spinergy MTXe wheelset

OK e-bikers, the MTXe wheels use 30mm internal width rims and run less spokes than the other sets; but the 24 you get are PBO MOTO spokes, which are 33% thicker than Spinergy’s standard round spokes. This wheelset is offered in both 27.5” or 29”, and if you’re a mullet/mixed-wheel fan you do have the option to specify front and rear wheel sizes while you purchase from Spinergy’s website!

The MTXe wheelset features 44 series MOTO hubs, which are 35% larger to handle the added torque from an assisted bicycle. The hubs are compatible with Shimano center lock rotors only. The MTXe wheels come with Boost spacing, and offer an option for 157mm rear hubs.

The 27.5” MTXe wheels weigh 1895g, and the 29” set adds exactly 100g to that. They retail for $1599.

MTX 30

Spinergy MTX 30 wheelset

For rougher trail riding the MTX 30 wheelset provides a 30mm rim, and runs 28 PBO spokes with a radial laced front wheel and a 2-cross rear. As the trail/enduro crowd is still quite split on wheel sizes, this set offers 27.5” or 29” rims, and again the online option to mix those up.

The MTX 30’s 44 series hubs offer either standard or Boost axle spacing, and accommodate center lock rotors. A pair of 27.5” MTX 30 wheels weighs 1620g, while the 29er version comes in at 1690g. The MTX 30 wheels sell for $1399.

MTX 24

Spinergy MTX 24 wheelset
*Photos and video c. Spinergy

The MTX 24 wheelset is built with narrower 24mm rims, and with XC riders in mind is only available in 29”. The wheels are laced up with 28 PBO spokes, and have the same radial front/2-cross rear lacing as the MTX 30’s.

Spinergy’s 44 series hubs offer center lock rotor mounts, standard and Boost spacing options, and the MTX 24 wheelset offers QR axle caps alongside 12mm and 15mm. The MTX 24 wheelset weighs 1622g, and MSRP is $1299.


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