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SportRecon Offers Course Fly-Throughs for Racers, Real Time Payment for Promoters

Sport Recon race management and event listing website with Google Earth course flyovers
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Sport Recon race management and event listing website with Google Earth course flyovers

“What’s the course like?”

It’s a common question when signing up for a race, and now promoters have a tool to provide that information quickly, easily and video-y. SportRecon is a new event management site that allows promoters to not only upload video and photos of the course, but take advantage of integrated social media features and automatically generated registrant info. They can even upload liability waivers, which we all know would save time and frustration at check-in when there are inevitably not enough pens and copies 15 minutes before the gun goes off. Oh, and payments are processed and sent to the promoter in real time, no more hold-and-pay, which is perhaps the biggest eye popper for anyone putting on an event.

For the racer, they’ll have Google Earth created elevation maps, course fly overs and photo walk throughs. Plus, assuming the promoter fills everything out, all of the event info is pretty well displayed on a single page, something many smaller event sites are lacking.

The screen grab above shows the flyover for a sample crit race. Not sure how that’ll translate to a mountain bike race, but it does give some pretty good intel on the course. Heck, you could even tell your rowdy, cowbell swinging friends where to stand for the best spectating!

Make the jump for the official PR…

PRESS RELEASE: SportRecon.com, a fitness event management site developed by experienced competitors, launched this week with the promise of delivering a quantum leap for organizers of and competitors in running, cycling and triathlon events.

For event organizers, Sport Recon protects initial event investment by instantly relaying registrant payments. Furthermore, no fitness event site has ever prepared athletes for competition more thoroughly than Sport Recon. Competitors can now see a street-level walkthrough of the course, maps, elevation profile and a 3D helicopter view.

Total Immersion in Course Specifics

“The goal of Sport Recon is to give an entrant as much relevant information as possible,” says Mike Heindel, co-founder of Sport Recon. “When I was racing competitively, I took the time to travel to a course and recon it a day or two before the event. Nothing can take the place of that kind immersion, but what we’ve created here gets a participant as close as he or she can via a computer.”

An Event Organizer’s Best Friend

Heindel says Sport Recon eliminates the need for event organizer to personally develop, build and tediously maintain an event website. “Beyond being intuitive, easy to use and free, Sport Recon pays the event organizer the instant someone registers. That’s a significant departure from the way other sites in our category manage payment.”

Quick, Easy Adoption

Existing event websites can be linked to SportRecon.com for registration, results, pictures, videos, course maps, driving directions, sponsorship opportunities, social media integration and much more. “The reality is that the event’s instance on the site can do just about everything an organizer would want a fitness event website to do,” says Heindel.

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12 years ago

Couldn’t imagine seeing anything other than major events on there, but it is a really cool idea. Rough around the edges, but if they end up getting some big events, I’m sure they could fix it up.

12 years ago

What I mean is that because they are implementing some technically advanced features, along with that comes a need for a higher attention to detail than normal. The interface overall aesthetically I would say beats BikeReg and Active, but it has a few simple things that need to be revised. Understandable for a new business, of course.

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