This weekend in Flanders we spotted the next generation of the affordable, dual-sided 4iiii crankset based power meter on one of the spare race bikes of Quick-Step’s Tom Boonen. We don’t have too much more detail other than the fact that this exists and seems to be race-ready for one of the world’s top racers. But as the new Dura-Ace groupset becomes more readily available, and with Shimano’s own power meter version expected to be a bit more expensive, there will surely be plenty of riders on the new Dura-Ace looking for a power measuring alternative. It does look pretty nice, nestled in the spider. Take a closer look with us after the jump…

We’ve seen Quick-Step as the first place to spot a new 4iiii power meter before last January. The most recent 9000 crankset with a pair of 4iiii power meters applied for dual sided measurement sells for just $1500 with the cranks, or $750 if you send in your own new cranks, or just $400 for a left only option. We suspect that pricing won’t vary too much for the newest Dura-Ace option either, which should keep is a bit lower than what Shimano seems to be forecasting between $1500-1700 for their own dual-sided power meter.

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