Every once in a while, instagram delivers more than aspirational travel photos and thinly-veiled advertisements. In fact, if you keep an eye out for posts from certain pro riders, you might just catch a glimpse of an unreleased bike. In 2019 Cannondale updated its rocketship cross country hardtail F-Si with a few tweaks and an all-new Lefty Ocho fork…

Photo: Cory Benson

Based on that frame, it looks like we could be seeing a “SuperSix-F-Si” for 2022 with the dropped seat stays, integrated chain catcher, and (we’re assuming) some new plush SAVE micro-suspension.


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Alex Howes of UCI World Team EF Education–Nippo fame, posted an Instagram photo riding what looks to be an exciting new Cannondale hardtail frame. The frame in question looks strikingly similar to the Cannondale Trail SE but adds a lower mounted chain guard, Cannondale Ocho fork, and slick paint job (and is presumably carbon fiber rather than the Trail SE’s aluminum frame).

Cannondale F-Si Spotted Trail SE

Cannondale Trail SE 1 Photo: Cannondale.com

The current trend at Cannondale has been to drop the seat stays and from the killer performance and sharp accelerations of the SuperSix EVO CX, a SuperSix twist could take F-Si to another level of speed.

Photo: Cannondale… of Cory Benson

Yes — the bike is wickedly fast but has more of an old-school look and standover height, thanks to its relatively horizontal top tube. The Cannondale F-Si is a favorite of Brazilian powerhouse Henrique Avancini and is one of the lightest on the World Cup circuit, thanks to the Ocho fork and Hi-Mod construction.

Could this be the next iteration of Cannondale’s fast-flying F-Si hardtail? Only time will tell, so stay tuned for more. Check out the current Cannondale F-Si and full suspension Cannondale Scalpel at cannondale.com.


  1. David on

    Maybe they’re going for a kingpin style rear end like on the topstone to give it a few extra mm of vertical flex. Interesting.

  2. Jordan Villella on

    @david — I like that idea! We’re hearing more of this frame spotted at Colligate Nationals, so its out there in the wild.


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