It’s that time of year again. Well, technically it’s much later in the year, but last week we were finally back walking the booths at the Sea Otter Classic. Along with catching up with old friends, we were on the lookout for new products—especially those hiding in plain sight. From the looks of things, we may have spotted the next generation of the TRP TR12 drivetrain along with a potential new crankset as well.

New TRP TR12 Rear Derailleur?

Next Generation TRP Rear Derailleur spyshot

Next Generation TRP Rear Derailleur spyshot

While this unmarked derailleur attempts to fly under the radar, the Hall Lock lever gives it away as a TRP product. That lever locks the movement of the B-Knuckle in relation to the mounting bolt keeping the noise down and adding stability to the system. While the Hall Lock is still there, there is another switch worth noting…

Next Generation TRP Rear Derailleur spyshot

The current TRP rear derailleur has a switch for turning the clutch on/off, but this derailleur has a larger lever in a different place. That makes us wonder if it’s adding some type of cage-lock mechanism for installing and removing the rear wheel.

Also note that the derailleur appears to have a completely different parallelogram orientation. The current derailleur’s linkage moves up and down, whereas this one appears to move side to side.

New Crankset Too?

Next Generation TRP crankset spyshot

It’s entirely possible that this is just some random crankset from another company completely. But we’d wager that since it’s paired with the prototype derailleur, it might be from TRP as well.

TRP carbon crankset spyshot

It was hard to tell with the thick layer of Laguna Seca dust over everything, but it certainly looks like the crank is carbon fiber.

TRP carbon crankset spyshot

The driveside of the crank looks to have a crank bolt and self-extractor cap, while the non-drive has a pre-load collar for adjusting the BB play. Does this mean TRP is getting closer to offering an entire drivetrain? Time will tell…



  1. Raul Matias on

    Estes andam a dormir. Os outros, estao na era do airless. Outros, ja estao a testar os travoes airless. Estes, ainda andam a lançar componentes por cabo. Acordem para o negocio. Esse material, ja nao serve para nada. Isso é da idade da pedra

  2. Davechopoptions on

    More brands entering the market just highlight how good Shimano stuff is, and with a way wider price range than anyone else can cater for.


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