Spray.Bike colored our opinion of self painted bikes with their amazingly advanced spray paint, which is formulated to dry almost instantly as it turns into powder just inches from the nozzle. But what if you wanted to go metallic? Paint your bike gold, bronze or silver? Those proved awfully elusive for Spray.Bike founder Gareth Jones, so he went back to the lab…

spray bike custom spray paint for bicycles that dries fast and evenly for a professional looking powder coat finish

Their standard colors are an acrylic base plus propellant and color. The metallic ones share the acrylic base and propellant, but use finely ground zinc powder that’s then anodized to one of four hues. Choose from Pewter Silver, Brass Gold, Bronze Gold and Copper. In the U.S., they’re available through Squid Bikes for about $17.99 per can. Gareth says you can probably coat one frame per can.

Squid Bikes makes the most of Spray.Bike’s paint, selling bare frames so you can paint them yourself. Sometimes, they get a little carried away…

Between the spray paint and paint pens, they get pretty creative.



  1. Velo Kitty on

    I have no idea about these paints, but Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch seems to have the best reviews of spray paints on Amazon.

    VHT epoxy paint is very good, but only comes in black and white.

  2. phazrone on

    Pretty sure it is owned or manufactured by a parent company that also makes Flame Blue, which is a graffiti paint, and im sure quite a bit cheaper.. acrylic based heavily pigmented. Just clear coat it and i bet it works just as well, if it’s not practically the same thing. Although i don’t know if Flame is doing metallics, but for all other normal colors.


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