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SR Suntour drops in with RUX & Durolux R2C2 PCS forks in time to shred spring trails

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images courtesy of SR Suntour. photo by: Paul Humbert

In a big move to develop higher performing gravity forks to meet the demands of their race teams, SR Suntour’s R&D labs came up with the all-new R2C2 Piston Compensator System. We took a really detailed look at the internals of the new Durolux enduro fork that gets the new tech last fall. But now as the tech is ready to hit the market, Suntour has released some more info, pricing, and full details on the RUX downhill fork that will be dropping out of the start house this season. Plus some riding and cartridge movement in a video after the jump…

Suntour say their goal was simple, deliver a sensitive ride, but in an extremely durable package that would stand up to the rigors of gravity riding and racing without needing a pro support team at the bottom of every run.

SR-Sutour-Dulolux-RUX-R2C2-PCS_lower-controls SR-Sutour-RUX-R2C2-PCS_downhill-fork_upper-control

So a little recap on what the acronyms mean. The R2C2 cartridge is what Suntour developed to get their pro riders through the DH World Cup and Enduro World Series. It is a dual-adjust Rebound, dual-adjust Compression cartridge. Giving the rider the ability to adjust both high and low speed damping and rebound, means you get a fork that can be easily be adjusted for any type of riding and lets the fork eat up the bumps no matter how fast they come or how big they are. The Piston Compensator System (PCS) separates oil and air in the damping cartridge to prevent either the formation of vacuum or bubbles. The result then is constant and reliable damping, while still letting the cartridge eke out its full potential and range of travel.


Since durability was such a concern for Suntour, the new R2C2 PCS cartridge was engineered to be especially robust. At the same time regular service and proper maintenance are what make suspension components last long and perform like new, the PCS system was kept simple so it can be easily and quickly broken down, serviced, and put back to work.


The 2 new forks are available now whether you are looking to get in either springtime enduro or World Cup downhill. The new 36mm stanchion Durolux R2C2 PCS is rated for enduro or even freeride. The new version is 27.5″ only, and comes in fixed travel version at 160, 170 & 180mm, or a 140-180mm travel adjust option. (26″ versions are still available in the older RC2 cartridge.) The fixed travel version sells for 700€, while the travel adjust bumps it up to 750€. The 20x110mm Q-loc axle, 180mm post mount fork also comes with an integrated and removable fender.


The new 38mm stanchion RUX R2C2 PCS gets rated for proper downhill and big mountain descending. It’s also 27.5″ only now with 26″ also relegated for the old RC2 cartridge. The RUX goes with 200mm of travel, a bolt on 20mm axle, and retails for 1330€.


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Nick Moore
8 years ago

These forks are readily available for sale on our website. Let us know if you have any questions.


Buzz Johnson
Buzz Johnson
8 years ago

Nick,how big of a tire will fit the Durolux fork?

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